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What price, justice?

Lewis is at his cousin's house meeting with Tyrrell and another attorney. It's the attorney's opinion that the case be divided since Riggs has a prior record and Tyrrell doesn't. Lewis agrees and adds that Tyrrell has an alibi for one of the burglaries which the dean of UVA can vouch for. Tyrrell gets mad and says he won't sell Riggs out. Lewis tries telling him that Riggs will just bring him down. "He's been there for me a lot more than you have," Tyrrell tells Lewis angrily. "Your cousin is trying to keep you out of jail. I know Billy Riggs is your friend but I know he led you into this. If this is what Lewis says you have to do, you're going to listen to him," Lewis's grandmother says. "Tyrrell, you gotta do this," another relative says. "No, I don't!" Tyrrell yells, "I'm sticking with Riggs no matter what any of you say and that's it!" Tyrrell turns to his cousin and adds, "You know what man? You went off to college and then you went off to law school. You've been gone for seven years. Riggs has been there for me the whole time so don't pretend you know what's good for me because you don't!" Tyrrell shoves his chair back and leaves the kitchen. The family just looks at each other.

Balls are being hit, bats are being swung, and people are running around, all at a backstop on The Mall that doesn't even exist. Mason's team faces off against Neil the Eel's team. Pete slides into Sarah and Finley (who are watching on the sideline) as though he were sliding into first. It's a scene featured in the credits at the beginning. Owens arrives late and asks Mason how they are doing. "We got it tied up, runners on base," Mason tells him. "Good," Owens says, "my wife's doctor's appointment ran late. I swear if she doesn't give birth soon, I'm gonna do it for her." Yeah, and I'd really like to see that. A man going through labor, now that's funny. Neil the Eel is pitching. "You're still crowding the plate!" he tells Karen from Mason's office. "Then hit me!" she yells back, "come on, hit me! Hit me, if you can!" Neil lobs a pathetically soft pitch which results in a walk for Karen. Mason has a little tête-à-tête with Kristi who says, "I never received an adequate 'thank you' for helping you get this job." Grinning, Mason says, "Well, I called and sent a card." "I don't consider that 'adequate,'" Kristi says coyly. "Well, what would you consider 'adequate'?" Mason asks. "Dinner, tonight," Kristi tells him. She's just a bit forward. "It's a date," Mason says. "Is it, now?" Kristi says, being coy again because I don't think she can be anything else.

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