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What price, justice?

Mason steps up to the plate and his little cheering squad, well, cheers. "Does he know?" Sarah asks Finley. "Know what?" Pete asks. "We're being blackmailed," Finley tells him. Pete falls over in surprise.

Mason's called over by his boss, "We got a tie game, bases loaded, what are you gonna do?" Owens asks, slinging an arm around his shoulders. "Sacrifice, get the runner in?" Mason offers. "Knock it out of the park," Owens corrects him: "Always impress the girl." Mason steps up to the plate. Whiff! Strike one! Whiff! Strike two! Neil the Eel smirks. We just know that Mason's going to Grand Slam it on three because he's The Natural. The third pitch comes in slow motion, Mason hits it in slow motion, his bat connects in slow motion, crack! Mason hits it out of the park and the Washington Monument needs to be repaired. Mason takes his bases in slow motion with his tongue hanging out of the corner of his mouth. Neil smiles grudgingly, takes off his hat and rubs his head. Mason's cheering squad does some weird train motion thing on the sidelines which looks vaguely sexual.

Lewis gets interrupted at work by his cousin's attorney, who comments on how nice the interior of the Supreme Court is before giving him some bad news: "First off, you can forget about convincing your cousin to divide the case. His buddy Riggs already split off, he's going to try and pin this back on Tyrrell." Lewis asks, "What changed?" "The police just found the take from the three other robberies in a storage shed in Baltimore. It's way over a hundred-thousand," the attorney tells him. "Grand theft," Lewis says aloud just in case the audience didn't know the definition. Lewis asks if it can be traced back to Riggs. The attorney asks, "Are you ready for this? It can be traced back to you. The storage shed was rented in cash. They needed a credit card for the security deposit. Guess whose card they used?" The attorney sounds very much like Sly Stallone in this scene, for some reason. Lewis sighs and says that he let Tyrrell borrow his card to fix his car. Sly, the attorney, tells Lewis that Tyrrell is no longer an "unwitting accomplice" but an instigator: "Our best shot is to get your cousin to cooperate with the police, implicate Riggs, throw most of the weight back his way. Give them details of contacts, dates, who they were fencing to --" "I don't know if I can convince him; he's too tight with Riggs," Lewis says. Sly, Esq. tells him that either he gets Tyrrell to plead, or he'll have to explain to his family why Tyrrell will be spending the next three Christmases in jail.

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