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Dead In The Nethers

It's morning in Agrestic, and Nancy is awoken from a dream where her dead husband is kissing her in bed and just generally getting her all hot and bothered. Not ready to entirely surrender the fantasy quite yet, she retrieves her vibrator from the nightstand (this must be the "little one" Lupita was talking about a few episodes back) and starts to go to town. Unfortunately, she twice has to change the batteries in the damned thing, but even when it works it doesn't work, if you get my meaning, and she finally gives up in frustration.

Andy attends his court-appointed Marijuana Anonymous meeting, where comedian Jeffrey Ross is playing a pot addict whose crutch is stand-up comedy. Bad stand-up comedy. Andy snarks on the guy, but the room is unreceptive. A gorgeous brunette stands to recite the serenity prayer, and Andy is smitten with her. She's played by Brooke Langton, of Melrose Place non-fame, and I didn't even have to look that up, so suck on THAT, World Series Of Pop Culture contestants.

Botwins'. Nancy is going over her bakery paperwork with the help of Dean and Doug. Well, Dean's being helpful; Doug is high. He tells Nancy to relax, that it just has to look like a bakery to legitimize her dealing. Nancy tells him to hush up on calling her a "dealer," at least in her own home. "I'm not a dealer," she rationalizes, only half-kidding, "I'm a mother who happens to distribute illegal products through a sham bakery set up by my ethically questionable CPA and his crooked lawyer friend." Nancy, I truly hope the guys who edit the "previously on" footage sent you a fruit basket for that one. Doug says she needs a cool name, maybe "Ice Pick" or "Smokey." Shane bounds into the kitchen whining about needing batteries and saying he's bored. Have I mentioned how incredibly kid-like Shane is? He's annoying, he's weird, he's hyper, he gets incredibly fixated on the strangest things for very short periods of time. It's a great portrayal. Dean and Doug leave Nancy with her paperwork.

After the M.A. meeting, Andy tries to get in Brooke Langton's, a.k.a. Sharon's, good graces, lying that he's having a hard time being off weed and that's why he was late and acting rude. She manages not to see through him at all, though Andy has opted to stare into her eyes and not her chest, which is probably helping his cause. He gets accidentally truthful when he says he's not sure he's strong enough to stay off the pot, but that's just so he can ask her to be his sponsor. She begs off, saying sponsors should be of the same gender, to minimize emotional entanglements. Andy then shows himself to be quite the capable actor, getting all "emotional" while hinting around the "fact" that he was "molested" by his "step-father" and thus cannot trust or confide in other men. Predictably, Sharon's like, "Oh, you poor thing," and gives him her number. And just so we at home are able to rest easy, Andy casts a side-long glance almost directly into the camera. That was...unsubtle.

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