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Look Out! This Plane Is Going to Zzzz!

A pitcher later, Scotty says he's flying out to San Francisco the next day. Tracy says maybe she'll come. Scotty says it's "not fun," because they have to deal with "crappy problems." Like dealing with the needy ghosts. But he doesn't say that. She says she was going to go to San Francisco anyway to see friends, like Yawn. Scotty says that Yawn doesn't want to see her; she broke his nose last time. I knew I liked that girl! Let me buy you a beer, my dear. Tracy gets her back up and is like, "Maybe the last two years were a drag for me! I'm coming!" Scotty is like, no you're not. They fight (tm Ace). No one is the boss of Tracy but Tracy! Up yours, Scotty! And she storms out. Yell all you want, Scotty, but she's not coming back.

Yawn picks the lock on the graveyard, and he and Jane drive in. The place is littered with ghosts, and Yawn warns everyone not to make eye contact. Because The '50s Lady is subtle with her poodle skirt and red neck scarf. She blends. Sigh. With pickaxe and shovel, they trudge trudge trudge to the grave as The '50s Lady blathers on that she and Buzz were driving off to be married in spite of her father's disapproval, and then they hit the point on Dead Man's Curve where young lovers tend to die, both in songs and in stupid WB teen shows, and did that. So she wants to be buried with the love her father hated. They get to digging.

Oh look, up in the sky! It's a plane. It's a zzzz. The blip says, "The next day. Trans-Planet flight 659 to San Francisco." Wow, "Trans-Planet"? Oh, cool, as if that were possible. The flight has leveled off, Scotty heads to the loo, and walks in on a ghost. A pilot ghost. He was on another plane just like this one that crashed because of a faulty jackscrew. That exact jackscrew was salvaged and put into this plane. That's why he's here. Scotty is like, "Do you want me to write a letter?" Um, I don't think that's a good enough reason for the ghost to be here. How is salvaging the faulty screw "unfinished business" for the pilot ghost? How? How? The pilot tells Scotty that the plane has to be taken out of autopilot and landed manually or else it will flip over and crash. Oh.

Singing bellybuttons? Shut up.

Back in the airplane can, Scotty is being coached by ghost pilot to -- first -- get into the cockpit. But how?

A waitress in the sky asks a little boy whether he wants to see the cockpit. Three rows over, Scotty leaps to his feet and says that'd be great. Hee.

After a lovely shot of the Budny van driving past the Golden Gate bridge (what, no trolley car eating Rice-a-Roni near the Too Close for Comfort house? Or a Ghirardelli chocolate bar waving from Alcatraz? Let's try to be creative, people), they land in a parking lot. The lot used to be lover Buzz's final resting place. Now it's the place where you get tube socks and Turtle Wax. The '50s Lady says that they'll search every cemetery in the state. Yes, they will. Couldn't they toss her body off Dead Man's Curve? No. No, they couldn't. They drive off and almost hit some doofus. It's Buzz! He and The '50s Lady share a tender moment, which I will try to leave alone, and poof off. But Jane and Yawn still have her body in the Budny van! Zoicks, Scoob! Anyone up for a little...nah, can't make that joke.

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Dead Last




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