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The Tofu Prince Of Mahwah

Jane sees the Eurodudes, and tells them someone is going to kill Scotty, and he went in the men's room. Katie watches, eagle-eyed, as they stroll oh-so-casually inside. Scotty spits in the urinal, then pees, making a satisfied groaning sound. Please tell me he didn't spit on his dick, that is totally disgusting. Stop spitting on camera! Just quit it. Anyway, the Eurodudes are, guess what, killers. "I killt you vonce, and I'm goink to kill you again." Dude? Not the same guy. They don't look ANYTHING alike. Scotty begs animatedly for his life. The guy in the Members Only jacket says "good night, sweet prince." Hey, quoting Shakespeare is fine. But it doesn't make this show not suck. Scotty begs some more, and the guy says that "this is the longest [he] ever talk to someone before [he] shoot [him] [sic]." I kind of liked the no-plurals thing. But this not conjugating verbs? Just looks lazy. A cellphone rings, a killer answers, and it explodes. Katie bursts in and snaps the neck of the Members Only dude. Scotty begs for his life because he's "just a drummer!" Katie says she's heard he's a great drummer.

Because this scene can't be over yet, Yawn rushes in with an ashtray and tries to conk Katie. She disarms him and puts him in a chokehold until he passes out. Then she drops her card on his chest and tells Scotty she'd like to see Yawn again, when he comes to. Scotty stays huddled, with two corpses and Yawn lying flat on the floor.

Jane and the Drone meet Yawn and Hotty. Hotty doesn't want to be the prince anymore. He's a drummer. A drummer! Just a drummer!

Yawn goes and talks to Johnson. Johnson can "neither confirm nor deny moving on," but maybe he'll see Yawn around sometime. Yeah, like maybe next season? HA HA HA HA HA! No, really.

Hotty has, I guess, explained to the Drone that he is not the prince, and the Drone doesn't care. No one will know! "No one in [his] country is fun like [Hotty]. We need more than money!" Yeah! They need plurals! They hug, and the Drone is off to transform the fictitious country all on his own. Hotty, plastering a Problem sticker on an airport door as they exit, says he just wants to be remembered in some small way.

A blip says, "Somewhere in Mulravia..." We see a factory and a sign that reads "Scott Sallback Waste Treatment Facility." Bamp.

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