Dead Last
The Problem With Corruption

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Scotty is a bad mother -- shut your mouth!

Yawn dances out of court, so happy that it was resolved so easily and neatly, and then wham, some Justice Department dudes collar him and drag him away, neatly and easily.

Yawn and Justice Department dudes, sitting in a van. The Justice Dudes pepper Yawn with questions. Basically, they want to know how Yawn knew to drop Teddy Nuzio's name. The Lawyer Ghost said to. But the Lawyer Ghost is dead! Yawn sees dead people. All the time. No, really, he does. He really does. He does! Poof, Lawyer Ghost is in the van, and the Justice Dudes exit, chuckling, leaving Yawn to stew until he tells them the real reason he dropped Nuzio's name. Just as Lawyer Ghost holds out his arms in an I-can-explain gesture, Yawn tells him to shut up.

Here's where the episode takes on a Traffic-like feel, in that the scene with Shaft Ghost, a.k.a. TNT, and Scotty has a sepia tone and grittier look than the last scene. Remember how Traffic had three different looks to match each setting? Well, it did. Scotty, rocking a vintage brown leather trenchcoat just like his idol, is trying out his new nickname. Apparently, the "peeps on the street call [him] Macadamia." Because he's from tasty, and from Hawaii? No, because he's a "white nut." Lord. TNT says no way. TNT has taste. After some background on Ramirez (they called him "Rummy Love," not because he was a heartbreaker, but because he loved to play gin, and he was the only other cop besides TNT that wasn't on the take), the two go off to interrogate some nefarious character called Cockroach. Well, Scotty takes the bus to "the old hood." TNT wonders how much worse it's gotten in the last 25 years. Scotty says not to worry, he's been around. TNT muses that if that is the case, than perhaps he should call Scotty "S-Curve," because, you know, "Danger Ahead!" Scotty giggles girlishly and gets on the bus.

Yawn, still in the van, is still yelling at Lawyer Ghost because he can't believe that a ghost got over on him again. Why didn't he just say he was a ghost -- Yawn never would have listened to him. LG is like, technically, you never asked. Typical lawyer, being all literal and shit. The LG starts babbling about how he thought all along that the court was "fixed, all the way down the line, lawyers, cops, judges," but he only found out one name -- Teddy Nuzio -- to clue him in before he was killed. So now what is Yawn going to do. LG suggests saying he's with the FBI, working on the same case, and is in "deep cover." Yawn says, "No. Way." Then the Justice Dudes come back into the van. Is Yawn ready to talk? He is. He's an undercover agent for the FBI. The Justice Dudes are like, we knew it! Nice touch! Hey, do us a favor and let's just all go our separate ways. But oh, could you do us a solid? Thanks.

Drain, looking bedraggled, is stumbling up to the courthouse. Tailing her is the Hockey Ghost, who's begging her to go see Pops McNitty, equipment manager for the Chieftains, who can explain the whole story. She's like, screw you, loser-ghost. She sees Yawn and is like, finally! He explains that they have to stay another day, since he needs to go to court tomorrow and wear a wire to get evidence for the Justice Dudes. Hockey Ghost is like, good, we can go see Pops! Jesus, this is one dense episode. Thick with detail! It's good! Like a delicious stew. LG comes up and is like, "Hey, is that Dizzy Korsky? BUM!" "Screw you, pal!" "Oh, yeah? You made kids cry, how does that feel?" Hee.

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Dead Last




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