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Immediately after Tribal Council, Penner confronts Jeff Kent by basically saying, "What the fuck, dude?" Penner wants to know why the people he thought were in his alliance didn't vote out Pete, as they must have discussed. Jeff Kent mumbles something about not having the numbers and no one would commit, but he won't come out and say that he was working with Pete and the gang, so he really has nothing.

Penner interviews that it does hurt to be betrayed, because it means that you were out of the loop and people were talking behind your back. Penner flat-out asks Denise if she voted for RC, and she admits that she voted for him, because she has her own strategy for herself that may or may not work out in the end. It's nice that she takes responsibility without making things personal or ratting out anyone else. Jeff Kent hops on that bandwagon and says that, as things shook out, he had the choice of either sticking to principle and refusing to vote for Penner -- which would have been bad for him personally -- or latching onto Tandang's vote and hopefully sending himself further in the game. Penner just nods, because he can't argue with making a move to save yourself; it's the centerpiece of the game. You can't be the noble, loyal martyr and also win. It doesn't work that way, unless by being the martyr you somehow curry favor with enough people to escape getting voted out.

Jeff Kent is lying though; he voted for Penner because he has some weird vendetta against the veterans and he wanted Penner to leave. He's making it out like it's nothing personal and he just went with the wishes of the majority. Jeff Kent interviews that the plan is to keep Penner from winning immunity now that his Idol is gone, and then vote him out next. Jeff Kent also knows that he gave up some power by folding in with the former Tandang; he went from top dog in Kalabaw to bottom feeder in Tandang. He's not worried, I guess?

Skupin goes up to Penner and tells him not to give up yet, because there are definitely cracks in the Tandang alliance that could be exploited. Penner wants to know who they should work with, and Skupin is like, "I can't say, but there are cracks, but either I don't know where the cracks are or there are no cracks, but there might be cracks." I mean, he's right; Tandang is not one big happy family by a longshot. But Skupin needs to commit, because he's part of a faction. At least that's how I'd feel if I were Penner. Penner interviews that he's not going to quit, but the only way he can go further is if he backs off and tries to fly under the radar. He adds that he has no alliances or allegiances anymore.

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