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NBC's promo for Wednesday includes a list of the three shows on that night -- Titans, The West Wing, and Law & Order -- and then refers to the "two great dramas" in the lineup. Ouch! Burn, Titans, burn. Unless that show's officially considered a comedy.

Si reads Benton's column exposing Minton/O'Hare and chuckles with abandon. "Oh yes, Benton, you wily, sniffing mongrel," Si cackles. "You physically repulse me, and yet I'm going to embrace you." Si is officially my favorite character. You just can't beat lines like that. Si uncomfortably hugs an equally ill-at-ease Wallace. Beekman wants to go with the story across the front page, but Nikki fights it. Si wants to "run it 'til the wheels fall off," with a story on the real Daniel Minton, a profile of the weeping mother and grieving ex-fiancé, etc. Nikki says they should hold the story because she thinks O'Hare is innocent of the rock tossing. "Your judgment's skewed," Si accuses, and he's completely right despite the fact that Nikki denies it. Si then rants that he reads his own paper -- he knows the guy is running for public office using the name of a war hero, and that he "dyes his hair like a housewife." Si rules. He orders that they run Benton's piece.

The next day's headline reads, "Red-handed Redhead," and it's splashed across the paper's front page with a photo of Minton.

The doorbell rings in Nikki's apartment, and she skips off to answer it. Minton is there, and she lets him in, carrying a big bag of stuff. "Hey sailor," she flirts. "New in town?" Minton grabs her and they suck face, with Danny hoisting her onto the kitchen counter. Nikki moans and pants about seven times. They banter about whether she has a room for lease, and how he can pay the rent in nooky. More kissing. More sucking. More saliva. "How come all the men I meet are either married or fugitives from justice?" Nikki jokes. Danny asks if she's cool with harboring a fugitive, and Nikki more or less says that it's fine just as long as he's sleeping with her the whole time. Both of them open their mouths and attempt to devour each other as Danny carries Nikki to the bedroom, where she'll uncover the evidence that he is a real redhead.

With his class, Benton watches a videotaped news report about the riot at Columbia in which O'Hare allegedly threw the rock. Benton's journalism class has shrunk to five people -- oops, that's four if you count Beth as an assistant. They were willing to dig Benton's dirt for him, but I think the weekly foot-rubs crossed the line. "Phillip O'Hare is a legend," Charlie says, mentioning that his political-science professor taught an entire class about the "O'Hare Conspiracy." Wallace posits that it didn't automatically happen just because some "doofus in a pony-tail" teaches a class about it. "If you're going to write about something, do your own research," Wallace says, then proceeds to demand that his students do his own research. O'Hare was a member of the SDS, a staunch anti-war group that Benton thinks was occasionally ruthless. One student, Ratkovich, is ordered to find Mark Rudd, who led the SDS at Columbia. Charlie is ordered to go to Bushwick and verify Minton/O'Hare's community service record. Someone else is supposed to find the professor who posted bail for O'Hare, and Wallace and Beth go for the injured cop and the judge who convicted O'Hare.

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