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Wallace hops into Beth's car, and they suck down juice while rehashing what they know. She complains that everyone thinks Minton is the best thing since the Kennedys. "Jack or Bobby?" Wallace asks. "It sure ain't Teddy," Beth cracks. She reveals that Rudd, the SDS leader, thinks someone coerced the witness, someone called Andrieson, and convinced him to perjure himself. Wallace is shocked when it turns out to be John Andrieson, owner of a huge aluminum company whose father is a former congressman from Connecticut. "That is thick," he grunts. They banter about whether she'll drop him off at the office before going home. Beth wastes a quality two minutes of my viewing time before conceding what we all know: that she will drive Wallace to his office, and that she has no personality whatsoever. I'm rooting for her to drive them both into the Atlantic.

As Wallace stands in the office reading, a redneck named Clyde delivers the transcripts sent over by Walter. Clyde champions Benton's column exposing Minton, complaining that he was fighting in the war while people like Minton/O'Hare were burning flags and complaining. "Peace movement," Clyde sniffs, chewing on a piece of hay. "More like 'piece of ass' movement." Clyde didn't 'preciate gittin' home from that there war and bein' treated like a gursh-durned leper. Clyde's mouth didn't appreciate losing half its teeth during the epic three-day "Drink from a Trough!" contest.

Si reviews the information, but thinks it proves precisely nothing about O'Hare's innocence. Nikki insists that thirty years ago, someone got to John Andrieson and perpetrated a grave miscarriage of justice. Andrieson changed his testimony to reveal that he did in fact see O'Hare toss the rock. The mention of the Andrieson name sparks Si's interest -- apparently, he blocked Beekman's membership to an exclusive country club, which made Si irate and eager to nail Andrieson for perjury. "You get this bugger," he seethes. "You just get him. I'll wrap my putter around his bloody neck, the bastard." I love this man.

A toothpick drifts into Nikki's apartment and pricks Danny on the cheek. Oh wait, that's Nikki. Danny is doing what every good fugitive from justice should do -- talking on the phone and ordering take-out for dinner. As she gripes about her day, a team of policemen busts through her door to arrest Minton. He's remarkably calm. Nikki bristles, refusing to be cuffed and insisting that they let her pay the delivery boy and eat her dinner in the back of the patrol car. Ordinarily she'd get slapped, but one of them recognizes her from Cheers and lets her get away with it.

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