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Who Am I? I'm Jean Valjean!

Ah, the halfway point, and I don't yet want to tragically bash my own head with the remote.

As Benton leafs through the "Cops Hook Fisherman" story in the Ledger, Nikki charges out of jail complaining about the experience. To distract her, Wallace offers her coffee and a bagel, but she still asks who convinced the NYPD not to press charges. "Beekman," Wallace admits. Nikki's pissed off that she owes Si something. Then she spies the paper and snatches it from a sewage-infested bog -- Wallace's armpit. She sees the headline. "Rag," she spits, tossing it into the trash. Benton looks annoyed. I think he's just bummed that the Valjean figure in this drama didn't turn out to have a hot, unattached waif for an adoptive daughter.

Minton appears in the prison visiting area, looking fetching in orange -- the "in" color this fall for the incarcerated -- and an artful 2-4-6-0-1 tattoo on his bicep. He posits that he got too cocky and assumed no one would piece together his true identity. The fact that no one but Wallace ever ran a background check on Daniel Minton is completely ridiculous. That's just par for the course, though. Minton says that once the paper ran his photo after the Fulton Fish Market settlement, and no one got wind of anything, he assumed he'd be safe. "I figured O'Hare can disappear. Daniel Minton -- he can rise," breathes Danny. Wallace wigs that Danny's pulling a Mike Tyson by talking about himself in the third person. "Please get me the hell out of here," pleads Minton. Wallace says he'll investigate, but the verdict will be tough to impeach and that Andrieson is away until the following day. "He's the key," Minton says. "The Red Squad got to him." Minton argues that he's innocent, and Wallace just looks at him and wonders whether the offer for a sea-bass bludgeoning is still valid.

Benton asks fellow journalist Phil (okay, so he calls him "Carbone," but it's Phil and we all know it), if he ever did an exposé of the Red Squad in the 1960s. Phil did. "We had our own little KGB spying around?" Wallace asks. Phil says people got inured to it, but offers Wallace a great source from "deep inside" the Red Squad. Way to go, Phil. Stock in Phil Inc. -- trading as PHIL -- just rose twenty percent.

The Murphy Brown graphic informs us that Wally is in Lower "Manhatten[sic]," a region that evidently has requested a name change so as to remain anonymous. Either that, or it's so far down the borough that the last vowel automatically drops to one lower in the order. Anyway, Earl Hindman from Home Improvement -- he played Wilson, the neighbor -- is defusing a bomb in the middle of a street. He waves Wallace toward him, inside a police barricade. Earl shouts that he's almost done, and apologizes for raising his voice, but his eardrums were blown out in Vietnam. "Best twenty-six months of my life," he enthuses. "I was twenty on my first tour, fraggin' and slaggin' land defuse, you live. You screw up, and you're pink Jell-O." On the last word, he yanks something from the bomb and Wallace ducks, but nothing explodes. Earl laughs, then hides his face behind a picket fence. We establish that Earl has done intelligence work, and he offers to show Wallace the pictures he seeks. Wallace backs off and says they can meet when he's not working with TNT.

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