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Police Brutality

"You like to watch, is that it?" Brady asks Benton, who has followed him into the locker room. I still can't understand why none of the cops are kicking his ass out of the station's restricted areas. "What is there on Braxton that everyone's so worried about?" Benton asks. "So he beat on a couple of suspects -- big deal." Brady is noncommittal, agreeing it's not a big deal and wondering why Benton's turning it into one.

Feldman sits alone in the newsroom. Feldman's the techie-nerd. Benton roams past and Feldman grabs him to pass along a phone message: "Tell Wallace Benton to check morgue" -- a term for a newspaper's archives -- for 'Miguel Velasquez.'" Feldman took the liberty of accessing the information for Wallace, because everyone else does, and why should Wallace actually waste valuable drinking time doing legwork? Feldman finds a Chuy Velasquez and makes a lame joke about how that sounds like the name of a candy bar. Wallace starts to get aroused again and starts moaning, "Ruth...Baby Ruth..." so Feldman quickly changes the subject. He then finds the correct Velasquez, reading aloud that Miguel's murder has gone unsolved even though it happened in 1996. Wallace -- oh, forget it, we all know already that he's cracking the case and that, in a pinch, someone comes up with the key piece of evidence. Well, voila.

Commercials. I'm taking this time to flush Oliver's pectoral poison from my eyes.

Benton shows up at Internal Affairs. He thinks the tip originated from someone there called Tim, and so he barges right on into Timbo's office. Timmy isn't pleased. "If my job was to snitch on other cops all day long, I'd be pretty grumpy too," Wallace breezes. Tim calls Wallace a "colorful" man, but asks him to piss off immediately. Benton persists in his disturbance, asking who decided to cover up Miguel Velasquez's murder. Tim contends there was no evidence, but Wallace pooh-poohs that idea and suggests the police force blew it off. "He was a habitual offender," rationalizes Tim. "What, shoot them all and let God figure it out?" Wallace asks, incredulously. "That's Braxton's motto, you know." Wallace is irate that Manny's in jail, while Roth is walking the streets and another kid died. Tim suggests that Manny and Nelson were thugs because they had rap sheets -- but, Wallace can't print their criminal records because they're juveniles, and that information is protected. "You've reached a new low, Tim," Wallace spits, angry that the police are pretending Nelson and Manny were criminals.

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