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Meet the Titans

...a hangar with a bunch of planes sitting around. Must be Williams Aviation. We're introduced to the only other non-white character, Jack. ["Presumably not the aforementioned Uncle Jack." -- Wing Chun] He's scolding one of his underlings that he his designs are great...for a car: "Ya see, it's all in the aerodynamics; the rest is just bells and whistles." Well, no wonder the aviation division is constantly in the red: they keep hiring idiots who can't tell the difference between a car and a plane. Peter introduces Jack to Chandler, and Jack immediately smells the "Navy man" while Chandler picks up a "foul Army stench" from Jack. Do all military personnel have their own distinct scents? Because that seems to keep coming up and I've never seen any of that in the armed forces' recruiting material. Peter gets off another zinger, saying that all he can smell is too much testosterone. Dead on, baby. He leaves, and the two can now become friends, because they both think that spending time with Peter can cause a rash. Yeah, but at least he doesn't smell.

It's night now, and we see the exterior of the Pulse Club. Inside, it looks like a pretty crappy club with pretty crappy music. There's a live band playing. This must be The Box. You know, there was a French-Canadian band of the same name in the '80s that ended up giving us Sass Jordan. What a cool name, "Sass." Why doesn't anybody on this show have a cool name like that? Instead we've got "Jenny," "Laurie," and, "Gwen" All of whom are here at the club tonight. Mother Gwen tells Laurie that the club never looked better, and that both she and Richard are so proud of the businesswoman that she has become. Laurie just wishes that Jenny would take her job as seriously as Laurie does. Instead, she's dancing with her boyfriend of three weeks who also has a lame-ass name -- Billy. Outside of Aaron Spelling shows, what grown-up goes by "Billy"? ["Billy Campbell from Once & Again?" -- Wing Chun] Gwen strictly tells Laurie not to interfere, because Jenny's happiness is all that's important right now. But there's interference written all over Laurie's face.

Jenny feels guilty that she hasn't done any work all night long. What kind of work would she be doing at a club at this time of night anyway? Checking ID? Restocking the Vodka? Billy wants to go to "dinner," and because his boat is so close, he suggests they go there. Jenny reminds him that whenever they go to the boat, they never end up eating or boating. Well, what do they do there, then? ["Quilting?" -- Wing Chun] I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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