Red Herring

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Sweet Merciful God, It's Over

Brooke and Hildy are going over pictures from the Valerie Dunne file. "I'm trying to help [Wallace], and I seem to be the only one doing it," complains Hildy. Look, don't bite the writer who feeds you, Lili. They've been stingy with the storylines of late. Brooke rolls her eyes and picks up Valerie's picture, saying she recognizes Dunne: "I saw her wearing my pajamas with a bruise on her neck that you couldn't hide with a gallon of foundation." Hildy's shocked that she saw Dunne in Wallace's living room, and Brooke says that no one knows yet, not even the cops. She vows to stay silent as long as possible, but "he dug his own grave and he can dig himself out." The Ghost is busy etching a tombstone, looking up only long enough to roll its eyes and pat me on the back.

Benton commisserates with manger Tom. "He was the best fighter I had, pound for pound," Tom says. Benton makes a joke about Ramos sounding like a porterhouse steak, then starts to salivate during a lurid sexual fantasy involving a red meat, peanut M&Ms, Brooke, and some BĂ©arnaise sauce.

Pablo, holding a punching bag, dismisses the boxer he's working with and starts talking to Benton. "Did you know he was into smack?" Benton asks. Pablo spits that he'd never have invested so much time in Ramos had he known about the drug addiction. "I'm a trainer, not a babysitter," Pablo says. "Sometimes you're the blood, sometimes you're the windshield." And sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes, you don't. Wallace is a nut, which is why from here on out, I'm a Mounds girl or I'm nothing. Pablo encourages Wallace to take a swing at the bag. He looks around, but doesn't see Brooke anywhere, so instead he punches the sandbag Pablo's holding. In a mad flurry of fists and fury, Wallace works up a sweat, beating the bag within an inch of deflation. "This one's for The Three Musketeers," Platt thinks angrily. "And this one's for fucking Gun Shy!" Pablo is amused. "You've got some heavy hands there, Benton," he grins. "You could do a lot of damage with those fists."

Nikki, Si, Brooke and Hildy are talking about how to handle Benton's being a murder suspect. Hildy says the Daily World has an item about how Benton was the last to see Valerie alive, hinting at other things. "Until he's arrested, we're under no obligation to run anything," Brooke says, taking some heat for assuming that an arrest is imminent. Si confirms that until such time, the paper will stand behind Benton. "Is that the party line, sir, or is that what we really believe?" Nikki asks. No one answers. Hildy asks if anyone thinks Benton's innocent. No one answers.

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