Bullock Returns To The Camp

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Bullock Returns To The Camp

At the graveyard, Jane is talking to Bill, telling him about her day. She is proud of taking care of Andy until he became well. She suddenly feels another presence and pulls her gun on Charlie, who is walking up behind her. "Jesus Christ," she says, holstering her pistol, "come upon a person unawares in a fucking graveyard!" Charlie walks closer to the headstone, not knowing what to do, exactly. He is sad, sad about Bill, and it breaks my heart in two. Jane talks nice to him for once, saying she heard about him and Bullock catching McCall. Charlie doesn't want to talk about that now, however. "Was Bill dead by the time you saw him?" he asks, and Jane says yeah, he was. "Why did he let that son of a bitch get to him?" Charlie wonders. Jane says she doesn't know, but that it makes her feel better to come up and tell Bill the news of the day. This a gorgeous scene. Charlie backs down to where she is standing, and tells her to go ahead with her news. They take their hats back off, and Jane starts again. "Charlie avenged your fuckin' murder," she says, gesturing to Charlie. "And that Bullock fella was with me that you seemed to like," Charlie goes on, before being interrupted by Jane, who says she doesn't understand why they didn't kill McCall when they had a chance. "Is that something we need to get into in front of him?" Charlie asks, through his teeth, and Jane says fine, Charlie should tell the story. In fact he should tell Bill whatever he wants. So he does. He tells him about the mail route to Cheyenne they had been discussing, and about coming on Bullock after his fight with the Indian. "He run into some heathen boy," he says, "and he had one hell of a fight. Boy, and he just...he got...fuck..." He chokes up and can go no further. Jane puts a hand on his shoulder. "Can I..." Charlie chokes out. "Can I tell him some more tomorrow?" Jane says she doesn't make the damn rules, so that's fine with her, and she picks up the lantern and they head back to the camp.Back at the hotel, Trixie is putting the little girl to bed while Mrs. G absolutely swans around the room, rattling on about Bullock like some kind of 13-year-old girl at a slumber party. Finally, Trixie can take no more, and says she has to go back to the Gem. She says Al's waiting for her now to come and tell him Bullock's and Mrs. G's decision about the claim. "And I won't be able to lie anymore," she says. "Next I tell will be my last. So I better just get back there." Mrs. G is amazed that Al has apparently discovered the whole deception; she says she had taken great pains to make sure Al wasn't watching when she, obviously not doped up, left the hotel earlier. Trixie says that doesn't matter. The point is, she has to go back, and Mrs. G will need someone to look after the girl. "And with choices bigger elsewhere," she says, "and nothing I can tell to hold you here, maybe you better think about selling and getting out." Mrs. G has a brainwave. "Would you want to take the girl and go?" she asks. Trixie cannot believe this ridiculous question. She has no money, she says, and no people, anywhere, and when Mrs. G suggests that she can send her to New York and have her established, she puts down the hammer. "What the fuck?" she whispers, incredulous, to Mrs. G. "What would keep you here? You wanna fuck this man? Fuck him. Then think about the child." Mrs. G tells her not to use that language or that tone with her, and Trixie keeps swinging. "Don't you want to say to remember my place?" she grits. "I do, you rich c*nt. And I'm going back to it." With this, she turns away, saying the little girl is probably close to saying her name. "She named her sisters, her folks," she says. "Think of selling. If you took her away, you could hear her say it."

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