Bullock Returns To The Camp

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Bullock Returns To The Camp

In her room at the Bella Union, Joanie is fixing Flora up for a day of trade. She asks if the girl likes the way she's done her hair. Flora is ambivalent. "Sure," she shrugs. "Why not?" Joanie take her chin and turns her face to meet her eyes. "I prefer you happy, honey," she says. "But if you can't be, you need to pretend at it better than you're doing, or you're going to be hungry and cold and getting done to you outside, what you'd have made money to live on and save up besides, if you acted the part in here." Flora shrugs again. "I thought I only had to act it," she says, "with them that wanna stick it in me." Joanie sighs. "You never know who that might be, Flora," she says. Aw. Joanie's got a little thing for the new girl. The bad part is, Flora knows it, as is evidenced by her wicked little smile. They turn back to the mirror. "I prefer you happy," Flora says, seeing Joanie's shame and downturned face. Joanie looks up: "Or at least pretending better?"

At the sick tent, Jane is sad as she sits beside Joey. "I think he's dead, Doc," she sighs. Doc checks him, and asks Jane to tell the sled bearers not to make such a fuss taking him out. Jane nods, resigned, as the Rev returns. "Has young Joey gone to dust?" he asks, and Doc says yes. The Rev looks at him for a second, sad, before telling Doc that Bullock is back in town with Charlie. Jane blanches. "Does Charlie know about Bill?" she asks. The Rev excitedly says that the two of them captured Jack McCall. "I hope," Jane cheers, "that's only the beginning of what they fuckin' did to him!" Rev. Smith reports that they gave McCall over to Yankton. Jane: "Gave him over?!" Smith: "Rendered unto Caesar." Jane: "JESUS CHRIST!" Brilliant. Jane is disappointed they didn't kill McCall, but the Rev goes on -- he's getting the tremors, now -- saying how Bullock had been struck by an Indian's axe. "Marked like the firstborn of Adam and Eve," he says, all crazily, causing Jane to give him a look. "Are you drunk?" she asks. "No," the Rev says, and Doc moves to him right as the seizure overtakes the sweet Rev. Jane is alarmed, but Doc grips him as the he comes out of it, rambling about Christ marking us sinful and forgiven by confession.

"All right," Doc says, a few times, as the Rev goes on, saying that God has told him all this in their frequent communications. "All right. You listen to me now, Reverend," Doc says. "You are goddamn exhausted and you give yourself no respite." He says it wouldn't surprise him if the Rev had a brain lesion that was causing all this, "and generating your chats with the goddamn divinity. No goddamn offense intended." Jane looks worried and on the verge of tears as she watches all this. "Go on, Reverend," she says. "Doc's tired, too -- only reason he's talkin' so fuckin' harsh." The poor, crazy Rev asks if maybe, just maybe, the lesion was perhaps placed in his head by God, so that they could talk to each other. "Well, of course it could," Doc says, "his ways not being ours and so forth. But could he not, Reverend, just want you getting out of here and getting yourself some goddamned rest?" Jane is openly crying now, as the Rev nods and goes to leave. It's too sad, really, and she looks at Doc and sighs heavily.

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