Bullock Returns To The Camp

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Bullock Returns To The Camp

Flora is making her way back across the thoroughfare, followed by her newest fan, Terrence. Apparently, they have recently made the sweet, sweet for-hire love one can only find in Deadwood. She tells him to stop following her, that she's got to go meet up with her brother who takes a hard line about the whoring thing, and if he wants to "stick it in" her the next day, he'll do like she asks. He says he'd pay the same price just to sit with her a while, but she shoos him on, saying she'll be "receiving" the next day at noon. He gives her a dollar, just because, and tells her she's swell. She smirks, pocketing it, and goes into the Gem with her innocent face squarely in place. Dan bumbles over, all nerves, and asks if she had any luck finding her father. She says no, and he goes to find her a place to sit "away from these rough sumbitches" and says he'll bring her a soft cider. The murdering henchman is genuinely smiling like a teenage boy who just met Britney Spears as he heads to the bar. The drunk from earlier in the day is still there, drinking, and loudly asks if the girl found her dad. Dan leans in close and fast. "Her chances of finding her dad are greater than yours of walking out of this door upright," he says, "unless you shut your fucking mouth." He stomps off, leaving the boozehound to attempt to figure out the over/under on all these contingencies.

At the hardware store, Sol is giving Bullock an update on what's been going on since he rode out. He tells how Al has been financing a lot of the smallpox recovery program. "Is that so?" Bullock asks. Sol, equally surprised, says yes. "The dead don't drink or chase women," he laughs, "must be his thinking on that subject." Bullock ain't in a laughing mood, really. He breaks down a little. "That Indian fought like hell," he says abruptly changing the subject. Sol pauses, looking at his friend's wounded face. "I guess you did, too," he says, all quiet. Bullock goes on, explaining how Charlie figured out about the burial ground and the counting coup system and all that. Sol is wide-eyed and blinking as Bullock goes through the whole fight and all the reasons it had been fought. "We fought like fuckin' hell," Bullock says, kind of crying, "and I never once had the upper hand. It just happened out the way it happened out." Bullock is really sad. He said the Indian was just trying to live, just like he was, and trying to do honor to his friend, just like he was doing for Bill. "And we wind up that way," he says, "and I wind up, after, beatin' him until I couldn't recognize his face. For Christ's sake." I gotta hand it to ol' Clench, here. He's brilliant in this scene. "That Indian..." he tells Sol, "saved Jack McCall's life, I'll tell you that much." Sol looks smugly satisfied. "Not for long," he says. Bullock moves on to Mrs. G's claim now. He's upset his Montana friend can't come assay it. "I want his recommendation," he says, back in full clench. Sol's not clear, and asks whose rec he's looking for. "Swearengen's," Bullock says, striding to the door like Eastwood on his worst day. "Shit, Seth," Sol reacts. "Get his opinion, too, on that henhouse we're gonna build." I have to go with Sol on this one. Even when I hear it explained later, I don't like this whole contrivance of getting Al's recommendation.It is night at the Gem now, and the joint is jumping. Miles comes to check on Flora, asking if she's okay. "Yes," she says. He says he is as well. "They're nice here," he says, "and Mr. Swearengen, he's funny as all get out!" Miles looks around a little before leaning in closer. "So," he asks, "what place would make a better score?" Snap! These young innocents are grifters, coming to Deadwood to rip off saloons. I...can't imagine they did enough research on their marks, because I believe this camp would be the last place I looked for easy money. Surely they missed the whole part of the Deadwood website explaining about Wu's pigs. Flora says the Bella Union would bring a better result, "but why not take them both?" Great idea, Flora. Pit yourself in a battle between Satan and Satan-er.

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