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A tall, older black man -- Hostetler, who we haven't seen since Season 1 -- comes out of his livery establishment to greet a diminutive black man in a tattered military hat, riding up on a horse. "You was to have this horse one week," Hostetler says, obviously angry. The smaller man exclaims that the horse, Ol' Nugget, is fine. "He's been livin' on peppermints and apples in the San Francisco stables of a dry goods big shot," he tells the older man. Hostetler goes back to his original issue: "Making you owing seventeen weeks additional." Okay, so the little guy came to Deadwood, "rented" the horse, I guess, for a week, and then took off for almost four months. Dude, how hard must it have been to run a livery? How could you ever get your horse back if someone just kept riding on into the sunset? Hostetler is like the original Hertz!

The younger man brags that he's been delivering fancy jewelry to the above-mentioned big shot's wife AND his mistress, and as the old guy starts totting up what he owes on his chalkboard, pulls out a huge bankroll, and tells him to cipher what he owes from a hundred-dollar bill. Hostetler takes the money, and starts refiguring -- now he's going to have to give him change. Before he can finish, though, the younger man tells him to apply the balance to their future trade. So, Hostetler turns again to the board to make a note of the balance: "Owing General N*gger..." Here, the younger man corrects him. "N*gger General," he says. Hostetler takes this moment to suggest that perhaps now is the time for the man to take off his "half-ass uniform." The younger man wonders, if he does take it off, how anybody will be able to tell he's the N*gger General. Hostetler reminds him that he himself has admitted he didn't serve in the Union army, and that Deadwood isn't the time or the place to be drawing attention to oneself. "Yeah, well I keep missing the place where it would be a good time," the NG answers.

In Cy's office, Doris has arrived from the Bella Union with his pay-out from the Chez Amie. He's mad, because...there's too much money. He grills Doris, asking if Maddie and Joanie are salting the mines to make him think things are going better than they are over there. Cy's such an ass. Doris stammers out that the money is mostly from "just the one trick," Mr. W. Cy is curious about this Mr. W. He asks what the man looks like. Doris says she wouldn't know how to describe him. I must make a distinction, here: the women playing the B-list whores on this show? They are all very beautiful and everything, but...well, you know. Doris? Lila? Made of wood.

Cy insults Doris and starts reeling off the twenty questions. They establish that he's a good-looking man, bearded, kind of tall. Cy makes the connection, and he doesn't seem especially thrilled about it. When Doris describes how Mr. W had thrown her into the wall last night for looking at him, Cy remarks that "that's a man with a problem." He's convinced now; Mr. W is Wolcott. "Jesus Christ," Cy says, "can I be that fuckin' lucky?"

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