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They don't have time to come up with anymore, because across the thoroughfare, they see Steve and the Goodie Mob rolling out of the Bella Union. They remain riled up. The NG takes this moment to make his exit, thanking Jane for the conversatin' and the whiskey. Jane, for her part, sees Bullock walking in her direction. "Who is that, the fuckin' Sheriff?" she asks. "Flanked by some assholes?"

Indeed it is. Jarry tells Bullock that he feels no less manhandled by him than he did by ol' Steve. Bullock assures him that if "they still had you, by now you'd be feeling worse." Bullock sees Jane and tells her he needs the lock-up. Jane drunkenly and officially asks him to wait until he's cleared out Bill's robe. Jarry looks disgusted. Steve is looking on at all this, and turns his head just in time to see the NG run around the corner.

Jarry complains about the mounting indignities he's suffering, culminating in having to stay in the jail. "A beating short of murder," Bullock suggests, "might have done you considerable good." Heee. I like how low-key Bullock is in this episode.

Back at the Bella Union, Cy's people are picking up the place, while Wolcott quizzes Cy on his behavior in this scene. Cy says the commissioner had to "work "some dogs to learn how the world's tail wags." Wolcott: "Not coming to his mean to build his character?" Cy says that, well, not everybody is of sound body and mind like Wolcott, who has a solid character, nothing about which is "sick." Crafty, Cy. I suppose this means he's going to eventually make the stupid mistake of using Mr. W's proclivities against him. Anyway, after dropping this subtlety, he turns and gives quite the Clintonian thumbs-up to lackey, and cruises up the stairs.

At the livery, Hostetler is hiding the NG in the hay, mad as hell that he's having to do it, as it is at considerable danger to himself. He calls the NG a fool, and tells him he hopes he strangles under the hay. The NG sticks up a hand, giving him a Cy-like thumbs-up, and Hostetler tells him to get his fuckin' thumb down before he stabs it with his pitchfork.

In the thoroughfare, the Genius Steve and his Dumbass Band of Greasy Hooples are concocting a plan to distract Bullock long enough for them to go in and attack Jarry. The plan is to drag the NG from the livery, where they know he's hiding, to their pitch pot, located in "Chink's Alley," and make a considerable enough racket to get Bullock running out after them. Then, the several left behind will swoop in and grab Jarry. One of his gang asks, "Suppose Bullock comes out shootin'?" Their feckless leader thinks on it, and says, "Or...we could just grab the n*gger!"

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