E.B. Was Left Out

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E.B. Was Left Out

Wolcott: "...To me."

Charlie: "...To any-fuckin-one, when I give my word I wouldn't."

Wolcott sighs and removes Bill's letter from the desk, saying, "Thank you, Mr. Utter, that's what I wanted to know." Now, one might think he's relieved to learn that, though Charlie may know the details of the Chez Amie massacre, he will not spread it around camp. OR, one might surmise, if one thinks Wolcott is crazy enough, WHICH HE IS, that all he really wanted to know was IF Joanie said anything at all, and now he does, so he's going to kill her. We can only watch and wait.

In any case, he gives Charlie the letter, and the man is thrilled to receive it. He leans over Bill's handwriting, mourning the loss anew. Charlie turns to leave, and looks back at Wolcott sitting alone at his desk, holding his ribs. "Open or closed?" he asks, about the door, and Wolcott graciously asks that it be left open.

Also alone, and also in the open, is Joanie, back at the Chez Amie. She sits in the middle of her empty place, unprotected and without a friend.

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