E.B. Was Left Out

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E.B. Was Left Out

Joanie enters Charlie Utters place, taking him by surprise. He says hello, but she starts right in about the events of the previous night. "It was bad," she says. "There was three gone, I know it was...bad." Charlie says that if she means the three he took away in his wagon, he's certain they're all right. No, Joanie says. They're dead. "A different three?" Charlie figures. Joanie confirms she's talking about her partner and two other girls. Charlie wants to know what they're dead of. "They've been killed," she says, kind of throwing her hands up. "And...she must have come here for that, or else she would have shot him, and not been scared. She wasn't scared of any man -- first I ever met." She's talking about Maddie, and even though he doesn't, Charlie says, "I see." Joanie runs the whole thing down. Kim Dickens absolutely kills, here. This is her finest moment, of both seasons. "My mama feared my daddy, and I sisters, too. I never met a girl 'til Maddie that wasn't afraid of men." Charlie asks if Cy Tolliver killed Maddie and the two others, and Joanie tells him, no, it was Wolcott, "that works for George Hearst." Charlie asks why Wolcott killed them. On the edge of tears, Joanie, exasperated, says, "I don't know that...I'm not a man." Charlie pauses, saying he believes he knows Wolcott to look at. Joanie reminds him that she told him this whole story in secret, as a friend. "And that's the way I heard it," Charlie tells her. "I'm your friend. Don't ever walk past me."

Joanie finally breaks down in real grief, and after pulling back for only a moment, lets Charlie take her in his arms and give her comfort.

Back at the Bella Union, Cy is meeting once again with Leon and Con Stapleton. Now, these guys are no Johnny and Dan, and they've been getting on my nerves all season. Stapleton looks like a circus ringmaster in his crazy hat and suits, but they're both just so stupid, they might be starting to grow on me. Or, wait...they WERE starting to grow on me, until this scene with Cy where they tell him the Chinese whores are not "selling" well, and Cy writes them a new marketing plan.

He tells them rather than trying to sell on the economical value of the prospect, to "go with the strangeness." He proceeds to offer the following copy: "Among humans, for grip, the Chinawoman's snatch has no peer. In all of nature, the python is its only rival, though few have lived to tell the tale." I have to pause the show, go shower with bleach, and come back to soldier on, and to hear Stapleton turn to Leon and say, "We are dwarfs in the company...of a giant." I was wanting to hate them all, just for being on the screen during that brief and ridiculous monologue, but that's funny.

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