E.B. Was Left Out

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E.B. Was Left Out

Over at the Grand Central's restaurant, Charlie is about to mix it up. He's standing behind Wolcott in line, and contrives a notion to get up in his biz. "Mind where you stomp your fuckin' feet," he spits at the back of Wolcott's head. Wolcott, surprised, turns around and asks if Charlie is talking to him. "Too late to catch the one who taught you your fuckin' manners," Charlie snarks, looking for trouble. Meanwhile, E.B. is making a nuisance of himself at Mrs. Garret's table, where she's finishing her meal with Sophia. He sets down a plate ostensibly for the girl, calling it a "selection of choice humbles." Sophia literally turns up her nose, causing E.B. to say "how adorably she sniffs at the tang of the kidneys." Gag. Mrs. G grabs her up to leave, and E.B. goes after her, announcing Al's request for a meeting. This gives Mrs. G pause, but she coolly accepts, and makes the date for 2 PM, taking Sophia again by the hand and leading her up the stairs. E.B. hates it so much that he doesn't have the inside story on this meeting, and calls up after her, offering "a penny for your thoughts." Mrs. G: "I'm glad to be leaving your company!" Heeeeee. Finally, he comes right out and says he wants to know her thoughts as to the reason for the meeting. "Didn't Mr. Swearengen confide?" Mrs. G asks, full of smartass. Poor E.B. "He hasn't been well," he gives as an excuse, lowering his head.

Back in the restaurant line, Charlie's turning up the heat. When Wolcott glances back at him, Charlie takes his chance with the moment. "That's twice you've fuckin' stared at me," he says. Wolcott says Charlie's breathing on his neck. "Should I exhale out my ass?" Charlie asks. Wolcott says he believes Charlie's doing it intentionally. "Why," Charlie asks, "you think I believe you're a fuckin' c*nt?" Whoa, Charlie. Damn. Wolcott tells him that if they fight, "it won't be a casual matter." Charlie throws the C word around about twenty more times, it seems like, and finally puts his hands on Wolcott, saying he doubts he's fought many men. What follows is a certified ass-WHIPPING. I mean, Charlie opens up a CAN on Wolcott, physically hurling him out into the thoroughfare, and LITERALLY kicking him in the ass. Wolcott puts up no resistance as Charlie wails on him. Cy steps out and sees what's going on, but does not intercede. Instead, he tells his henchmen he's headed over to the Gem to see Al, and walks away, as Charlie continues to throw down.

Finally, Bullock comes out of the hardware store and sees what's going down. He forcibly restrains Charlie, who tells him the fight is "personal fuckin' bidness."

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