Leviathan Smiles

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Leviathan Smiles

He walks outside to start the day and finds, as Al does from his balcony, a wagon team riding up the thoroughfare. All the guys on the wagon are whooping and celebrating and announce that they have just survived a road agent attack. Al's eyebrows do a little dance at this. Bullock asks if anyone was hurt. The wagon guy says that the road agents had dropped a tree across the road and that all would have been lost had it not been for their two saviors who rode up out of nowhere and fended off the baddies. The heroes of which he speaks, two brothers, dismount now -- the older one, hot and stern looking; the younger a bantam badass. "I'd like to buy you both a fucking drink," the wagon driver tells them. "That's a big fucking yes from the both of us," the little one shouts. Bullock asks the older guy if they actually killed any of these road agents. "No," the older one says, "we were just trying to drive 'em off, sheriff." Bullock seems a little skeptical and asks some more probing questions, but the heroes fend him off. "I heard one of 'em shout like you winged 'em," the little one pipes up. "They was dodging behind stumps and making for cover." Big brother, clearly trying to play it cool, which his sidekick does not get, suggests he run along to the bar. "I'm Wyatt -- and going in there to get drunk is Morgan -- Earp," the older brother says. "I was a lawman in Dodge City; before that in Wichita. But I ain't looking for none of that here." Well, Wyatt, Bullock wasn't looking for it either, by God. Greatness was thrust upon him, as the saying goes, by the edge of Al's knife.

Bullock, who has never heard of one of the West's most famous lawmen, asks what the Earps have come to town for. "We got a timber lease," Wyatt says, nothing but friendly. But, Bullock, you know, doesn't know how to make friends at all -- he is obviously doubtful that anyone would bring such a dumbass as Morgan to work a timber lease, and believes no doubt that they are here as Hearst's strong-armers. Wyatt, of course, has got to be wondering why Bullock would roll up on him with his bitch on so early in the morning. "What’s your name?" he asks, still attempting politeness. They exchange clenched nods until they are interrupted by Dan who hobbles out to tell Wyatt that Al wants to buy him a drink. Bullock is mad -- he had not yet begun to clench and does not appreciate the interruption.

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