Leviathan Smiles

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Leviathan Smiles

Wyatt says he has a timber lease, won in a card game in Custer City. Al takes a final swig and puts away his bottle. "Small chance that you want to explore options to working your lease," he says. "Anyone hires your gun, you report to me. I'll double what they're paying you." Wyatt nods as Al offers some parting advice: "But your story ought be true, you understand?" he says. "I'll test the sense of it, that knows more of this place and, I guess, every other than you do." Suggesting that he buy his timber supplies at Bullock & Star Hardware, Al sends Wyatt Earp on his way. He's barely out the door before Dan asks Al if he thinks Hearst will move in on the Earps.

The NG is returning to the livery with his Aunt Lou takeout order, grumbling about having to leave town, wishing he could have someone like Aunt Lou to stay with, and bitching about Steve, who he sees leaning against the livery wall, apparently taking it easy. "How the wicked live," the NG snarks. "Always at fuckin' ease..." Except, well, Steve is not exactly at ease. Seems Lamar had about enough of getting his shoes pried off and has kicked the damn idiot in the head and there he sits, cross-eyed and barely breathing. Has there ever been justice more poetic? I think not. Damn this damn show to hell -- why have they got to make me feel bad for Steve like that? The sight of him is pitiful and the NG looks scared.

Wyatt comes downstairs at the Gem to find his brother chatting with Jen, the girl Johnny was giving reading lessons to this morning. Morgan is attempting to convince her that he loaned her sister, Mary Bess -- who is a whore at the Yellow Bird in Gunnison -- eleven dollars. Morgan's a little pissant dickweed (which my spell check changed to "puissant duckweed"), and even Wyatt has no patience with him. Seeing Johnny starting a concerned stroll towards them, Wyatt clenches to Morgan that he and Jen can talk about the alleged loan later and pushes him out the door. Jen smiles at Johnny, her conquering hero, and exhales a long breath of cigarette smoke.

On the boardwalk, Wyatt pushes some money into Morgan's hands and commands him to go buy their timber supplies while he moves on to "the next step in my fuckin' plan." Morgan is frustrated with his brother's lack of confidence in him. He asks what Al wanted upstairs. "You ain't got time for me to get into that," Wyatt says, and with that, he heads into the Bella Union.

Just now I am wondering what it was about this episode that made me rave about it so in the recaplet. Admittedly, I have the short-term memory of gnat, but I've yet to recall or come across whatever it was that I loved so much. I mean, that one Earp is pretty cute, but...wait. Was it Steve getting kicked in the head? Possibly.

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