Leviathan Smiles

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Leviathan Smiles
"Very circumspect," Hearst says, sighing. "Very considerate." The brilliant Powers Boothe shrugs a little and smiles, as if to say "that's just the kind of guy I am."

Bellegarde is performing what has to be one of the more difficult scenes of his life as he prepares the wretchedly ill, but sweet, Chesterton for transport. He cringes throughout each of Chesterton's coughing spasms, hating every moment of it. He has the stroke of genius to wrap Chesterton up tight to make carrying him easier. We shall swaddle you," he says, "like the baby Jesus. Making the most simple and economical of transactions to transfer to you the Countess and Claudia's chair once they arrive."

Speaking of dying people, Doc is over at the livery checking out Steve while the NG looks on, agitated and ready to leave. Doc says that Steve isn't dead yet, but he's in a really bad way. The NG whips out some money, hands it to the Doc saying it's for Steve's care and burial, and says he's leaving. "And let the bank know," he adds. "Someone don't take over this place, that loan they made Steve is going bad." Doc asks why he doesn't tell the bank, himself. "'Cause I'm a n*gger, Doc, that don't care what stands or falls." Doc: "Hostetler was, too." The NG doesn't miss a beat. "Hostetler," he says, "was taller than me." He steps in leans over the befuddled Steve. "Fuck you, Steve!" he yells. He looks up to the sky and adds more quietly: "Fuck you, Hostetler," before turning to his horse. "And fuck you too!" Doc stands amazed but says he'll get Jane to come by and do some nursing on Steve. The NG, much too noble for his own good, sighs. "See to her bringing back a bottle while you're at it," he says. "I'll linger, look to these animals till the bank sends someone over."

Bullock is in Al's office, complaining about the Earps. "Are those assholes working for you?" he asks. "Those heroes that saved the stage?" Al drones. He tells Bullock that once Wyatt confessed to the fabrication of the story, he got him on the hook. "Two hundred dollars in merchandise in the middle of our store like an interrupted shit!" Bullock complains. Al gives him his own version of the old adage about the customer always being right. "Commerce," he says. "Every hump above ground's your master." Bullock changes the subject. He's worried that the letter Merrick published was a wrong move. "No," Al tells him, simply, but Bullock rages on. "I'm not waiting on Hearst, I'll tell you that right now," I am not on his fucking timetable, or at his fucking beck and call." Al shakes his head at the resurgence of Bullock's crazy temper. They are interrupted by the arrival of Merrick and Blazanov outside the office door. "Is the sheriff inside?" Blazy asks. "Only briefly," Al jokes. "He's out of sorts and going downstairs for a blowjob." Heee! Good one, Al. Even Bullock kind of smiles. They come in and Blazanov delivers a telegram to sheriff. "What reaction to your publication of Bullock's letter?" Al asks Merrick. Merrick looks a little shy to tell the tale. "The great man himself took, um, umbrage," he says. Al swiftly turns to Bullock before he can say anything. "It was not a mistake, and we are waiting on Hearst," he says. "Unless you think those two assholes are his response." Bullock holds up the telegram as he heads out the door. "Not likely," he says, indicating that the message has proved otherwise. Merrick and Blazanov stand meekly in the silence. "Uh," Blazanov mumbles, "the sheriff is going for blowjob...?"

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