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He's babbling, and Bill and Charlie stare, waiting for him to shut up. He shakes their hands, and Charlie declares E.B. to have "mighty clammy hands." E.B.: "Damp palms run in my family." (Yeah, like his brother Darryl, and his other brother Darryl, for example.)

Bill and Charlie want two rooms, but E.B. can't fix it -- unless, he says, looking at Wild Bill, "you kill a guest." Wild Bill is less amused than you might expect. We cut back over to the Gem where E.B. has made it in record time to inform Al of the new gunslinger in town. Al rants about how nothing is ever easy, going all the way back to that damn Custer not holding up his end of the bargain up and losing to the Sioux. I believe he calls them the cocksucking Sioux, actually.

Dan comes in to tell him "the New York dude" is downstairs "sippin'" some whiskey. They all have a laugh at this guy, who they are clearly about to scam. Al tells E.B. to go out and get Tim Driscoll, who is key to their game, and that Tim should come in looking drunk and sorry for himself before E.B. comes back in to do his part.

While he's off getting Tim, we get to see Bullock and Sol open for business. Bullock is nervous, not a natural wares-hawker, and Sol has to step in and get the crowd moving over to their tent. Bullock has to clench on some guy hustling in front of their tent, and we see why the two of them are such good partners. They complement each other.

Back at the Gem, Al and his gang are putting the shine on the New York dude. The scam seems to be that they are setting this guy up to buy Tim Driscoll's worthless claim at a high price -- double teaming him, making him think Driscoll is going to sell to E.B., just to get the New York guy, Brom Garret, to go higher on his bid for the claim. We can see, as Garret is such a wuss dandy, that it's going to work but good. And we're right. Tim Driscoll comes in, acting drunk and stupid, and they start the hustle.

Meanwhile, Bill and Charlie have found their own place to get sauced, down the road. The barkeep, Tom Nuttall, sees them come in and practically rolls out the red carpet: "I'm respecting your privacy, not saying your name, but uh, I certainly know who you are, and I'd like to buy the round." The rest of the joint has their ears perked up, all recognizing Bill. The local newspaper man, A.W. Merrick, oozes over to introduce himself. Incidentally, the name of the town's paper is The Deadwood Pioneer. One of the bar's patrons tells his friends that thus far, he ain't impressed with Wild Bill Hickok. Merrick, however, is impressed, and asks Bill why he's come to Deadwood. "Warrant on me in Cheyenne," Bill answers. Charlie tells him to get off that subject, and they all laugh at a subsequent unfunny joke Bill makes because, hell, none of them want to get shot.

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