Something Very Expensive

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Something Very Expensive

The NG asks if Steve'll sign off on that "slight exaggeration to keep from gettin' your fuckin' head smashed in?" Steve says yes. Sweetening the deal, the NG asks if he'd also "bless colored folks, and God, as Father to us all?" Steve, still tied to the anvil, says, "I would...and go hence in gratitude." Hee. Why did they make me love Steve?

Hostetler is satisfied with this arrangement, relieved that he doesn't have to kill somebody, and they make Steve sign the chalkboard. The NG tells him to go hence, and that if his gratitude errs, that he's to remember that they have his signature. Steve very solemnly swears that he'll go, and he'll remember. He leaves, and Hostetler and the NG drop their weapons, exhausted by the whole thing. The NG sits down to have a drink, and offers some to Hostetler, who says taking a drink is what made him drop off to sleep allowing Steve to get in, and was the cause of him getting beside himself and saying he was going to kill the dude. "I ain't took a drink in 17 years," he tells the NG. "Yeah," the smaller man answers, "well, you over that, now." Hostetler doesn't want any, though. The NG asks if "that tomboy," referring to Jane, had gotten him the news about how he bore Hostetler no ill will for allowing Steve's mob to take him. Hostetler says yes, and that he appreciated the message. Taking a swig, the NG declares them friends again, henceforth.

At Bullock's house, we finally get another glimpse of his wife and stepson as they share a quiet meal. I mean, it's really quiet, with Bullock no doubt reflecting heavily on the fruit of his loins residing in Mrs. G's womb. Mrs. Bullock asks him if it had been a difficult day. He squeaks out a no. William pipes up that they had met the new schoolteacher that day, and that she seemed nice. Mrs. Bullock agrees, saying she liked her very much, and is glad she's finally arrived. I'm curious as to who in the hell she's going to teach in Deadwood, but I suppose we're to assume there are at least a few more children around somewhere. Bullock is not really listening, and clenches out another one-word answer. Mrs. Bullock can see that he's distracted, and says no more.

Back in Al's office, he's flanked once again by Johnny and Dan as he tries to get his coat on after another exam by Doc. Al says he lacks his customary stamina, but Dan tells Doc this is bullshit, as "they've been comin' at Al in waves, and he stood 'em all the fuck off." Johnny overcompensates, saying Al would have "stopped Sherman shy of the sea." Al wonders if, without the use of his leg, they would have fired him from a "fuckin' cannon." Doc ignores all this, saying he finds Al to be in excellent fettle. "Relative to my former conditions?" Al says. "Relatively speaking, yes," Doc smiles. "All conditions are fucking relative."

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