Something Very Expensive

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Something Very Expensive

Al says thanks and offers Doc a roll in the hay with one of his whores before he leaves. That reminds Doc of something. "I hope you ain't connected with them new Chinese prostitutes," he says. "I ain't," Al says, "but I did try to make friends with their pimp." Doc leaves, sighing, and Al tells Dan and Johnny that "we need to muscle up."

"Local?" Dan asks. "Don't know who's been bought," Al says, ruminating. Johnny steps up and asks Al to send him to Cheyenne for backup. Poor Johnny. Al tells Dan to go, instead, smacking Johnny on the arm, saying he needs to keep him close. Aw, Al. They help him stand to go out on the balcony. Al's still thinking of this muscle they need to find, and asks Dan about Crop Ear. "He ain't available," Dan tells him. "Yeah..." Johnny says, "didn't I hear lately, Dan, Crop Ear's been maraudin'...elsewheres?" Dan: "Yep."

They get to the balcony door all lined up like the Stooges, when Al stops. "Uh, let's not appear as fuckin' triplets, huh?" They nod, letting him stand on his own, and he lunges out onto the porch, telling them both to head back down to the bar.

Down in the thoroughfare, he sees Joanie leading her girls from the dress shop, under a tarp and into Charlie's wagon. She gets them all settled, telling one of them to put a hand out. All three stick out their hands, and she places the money she got earlier from the bartends in one of them. She tells them it's $1,400, to split it three ways, and, as Charlie pulls away, to "never come back."

From his vantage point above, Al has seen all. Joanie, shell-shocked, looks up to see him there, and he nods, surveying his kingdom once more.

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