Tell Him Something Pretty

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Tell Him Something Pretty

At the Bella Union, Cy has received his most recent communiqué from Hearst. Eaten up with whatever you want to call it -- thief's guilt? asshole's admonitions? -- Cy is less than thrilled to have been made Hearst's go-to Igor in all matters Deadwood, but he agrees to it, seeing no other choice.

Back at the Gem, Trixie has completed her sad duty and Dan comes in to box up Jen. On Jen's dress, Trixie has pinned her beloved cameo brooch. As Dan places the girl in the coffin and puts in a few nails to make it convincing, Trixie cries and stares at the pool of blood on the floor.

On his balcony at the Bella Union...Cy has rounded the bend. "All but sucked your prick," he sneers across the thoroughfare toward Hearst's hole in the wall, "you'd have me be your fucking quartermaster." Aha. Maybe Cy's biggest problem is that his loyalty to Hearst has not increased his junior status in camp at all. Anyway, whatever his main problem, he' problems. In his head. He's dragged his much-abused Janine and the hopped-up Leon out onto the balcony with him to observe the action down below. He bitches about Wu's band of Chinese mercenaries who are arming up right now down in the alley. He complains about Al's little gang of camp elders. Basically, what I'm saying is, Cy hates everybody, mostly himself. Leon is less than sympathetic, because he is more than high --he is flying on dope, giggling and tittering like a junkie -- and this pisses Cy off more than anything. "You are a fucking beauty, Leon," Cy snarls. "Lifts me up to be with you." And, to really drive it home that he's being sarcastic, he STABS LEON in the THIGH. Leon, his faithful junkie! Leon, faro dealer and back-up craps stickman to the stars! Well, frankly, no one's more surprised than Leon. He sobers up real quick as he falls to the floor, bleeding out. "Jesus!" he cries. "What the fuck did you do to me, sir?" Cy, who, though he got the plotline shaft this season, still often got the best one-liners, doesn't miss a beat: "I believe I fuckin' stabbed you."

Hearst, the same tough guy who made a point to tell Sol earlier how safe he felt in camp, arrives at the Gem with a whole goon platoon. No turning back now. Al takes a deep breath and stands by Bullock to greet him. "Any word yet on how the camps have voted?" Hearst snarks at Bullock. Before he can even clench, Al clears his throat hard and leads Hearst upstairs. All the Pinkertons and Bullock follow. Hearst can't quit needling Bullock about the election, and though he seems to be trying to control his reaction, Bullock finally responds. "If I'm beat," he says, "it owes to Yankton's whore-buying cavalry repeaters in Sturgis." Hearst puts on a big show: "Why, sir, then you must protest! Camp in Yankton! Protest and demand justice! Grab the legislators by their ears!" Sensing that Bullock is nanoseconds away from the Clench Heard 'Round the Hills, Al interrupts again. "Ain't you here to confirm a croaker?" he asks and Hearst looks into the office and sees the coffin. "Mr. Newman," Hearst says, referring to one of his bricks, "and so many of his cohorts as he deems appropriate will precede us." Al looks at him. "You don't mind," he says, "if I go in alone, huh?" Hearst, his men, and Al all step in the office and slam the door behind them. Left outside, Charlie and Bullock eye each other nervously.

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