TWoP Decade in Review

TWoP Decade in Review



Decade of Excellence

With dramas like Lost, The Sopranos and BSG and comedies like The Office, 30 Rock and Arrested Development, it was easily TV's best decade. See which shows made our top 20.

Top Reality TV

A genre that barely existed when 2000 began ended up producing some of TV's most addictive shows. See which ones made our top 10.

TV's Toughest Women

Thanks to Buffy, Sydney, Cameron, Starbuck and more, women were in control on TV this decade.

Movies That Mattered

A virgin found love, Bill got killed, Bond was reborn, milkshakes were drunk and cinema was wild, funny, smart and unforgettable this decade. See what made our list of top 20 films and our surprising choice for No. 1.

Widescreen Wonders

It was a great decade to be a geek, whether you loved sci-fi/fantasy movies with humor (Shaun of the Dead), epic scale (LOTR) or edgy realism (Children of Men). See our top 20.

The Ones That Got Away

Many of the decade's most notorious TV flops, from Birds of Prey to Studio 60 to Viva Laughlin, might have been hits with just a few tweaks. We reveal how they could've been salvaged.




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