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But this is Foreman's decision now, and he's going to make one House doesn't agree with just to spite him. House protests that while all of Anica's other tests have had results all over the map, her anemia has stayed constant. He thinks she has aplastic anemia, and that if they throw her out of PPTH with "Munchausen's" on her record, she'll never be able to get the treatment she needs for it and she'll die. He wants to do a bone-marrow biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. Foreman refuses, saying more tests would just be feeding Anica's mental illness. House asks if they can test her without her even knowing it; he'll use her leftover blood to test for some of the causes of aplastic anemia. If he finds one, Foreman agrees to let him do the biopsy.

House strolls into the dimly-lit lab and orders a tech, who apparently thinks she's in a hospital that actually employs lab techs, to run a battery of tests on a teeny-tiny amount of blood that he's holding without wearing gloves (call OSHA!). The lab tech refuses, saying that there isn't enough blood. "You can try," House says. The lab tech responds that she could try to look like Salma Hayek, too, but that won't happen, either. Lab Tech has some self-esteem issues that need to be worked on, I think. House decides to take advantage of them and try something I never thought he was capable of: being charming and nice. He tells the tech that she has much nicer eyes than Salma. The tech looks at House, who flashes her a warm smile. She asks him how soon he needs the tests back. Score!

Foreman knocks on Wilson's door and asks if he can talk to Wilson about something confidential. Wilson says sure -- until Foreman tells him it's about House. Wilson eventually promises to keep Foreman's news a secret from House because Wilson can't resist good gossip. Foreman asks Wilson if he thinks House would take Foreman seriously as his boss; Cuddy "intimated" that this could happen. Wilson says that if Foreman's trying to usurp House, he'll need a toga and a different show. I don't who Foreman's trying to convince when he says that this really is a "win-win" situation: he'll do all the work House hates, leaving House free to do all the fun medical stuff. Except for the fact that Foreman probably won't let House do any of the tests he wants to do, if this week is any indication. Wilson says he won't tell Foreman how to take over Wilson's best friend's job, and that there's "no way" Cuddy would let that happen anyway. Foreman smirks knowingly. Wilson wonders if that was his only function in this episode.

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