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Foreman and Cuddy are super-pissed, having caught Chase ordering supplies for Anica's bone-marrow biopsy. They tell House that Anica has been discharged and is on her way out of PPTH right now, so he can quit trying to save her life.

Suddenly, it's dark outside. House catches Anica on her way into a cab and tells her to hold it. The cabbie isn't too pleased at losing his fare, but House tells him, "Bite me." That was much more entertaining when the EMT said it to House, but not so much when House is saying it to some poor blue-collar guy who was probably relying on that fare to feed his kids tonight. But anyway, House brings Anica to a nearby bench and says he's got one more medical test for her. She's intrigued, because Anica loves her some medical tests, even if they are performed outside in the snow. House tells Anica all about colchicine, the gout medication that destroys white blood cells and makes for more plot points on this show than you would have expected. It's like Continuity Christmas this week! Anica keeps interrupting to protest that she really is sick and wasn't faking anything, and tells House to shut up. He says this isn't her fault; she grew up around a relative with a serious disease and saw how much attention and love that person got, and it screwed her up. I wonder if he would be this understanding about it if Anica had Munchausen's-by-proxy and was killing her children. We'll never least not until Season 4, when a kid with a mysterious illness comes to PPTH and they figure out that the kid's mother was poisoning him. ["And that has been used on some awesome episodes of Judging Amy and Law & Order." -- Wing Chun] Until then, though.

Anica denies House's charge, and he tells her that he's trying to give her what she wants; he's going to inject her with a drug that will make her sick and get her back into the hospital. He says he's doing it so that everyone else will see Anica as sick as the aplastic anemia he's decided she has is making her. "You've hit the Munchausen's jackpot," he says, whipping out a syringe filled with colchicine and insulin that will confirm his diagnosis. There's only one problem: if Anica's anemia was caused by something she took and not by aplastic anemia, then the shot will kill her. I'm not exactly sure how that works; you'd think that syringe would be more deadly for someone who's actually sick than someone who isn't. He asks Anica if she's taken anything else other than the insulin, ACTH, and Cameron's antibiotic pills. Anica says she hasn't, thereby admitting that she was, in fact, making herself sick. House sticks her with the needle. Anica says that her mother had MS, and that people cared about her. Then her mother died and "there was no one." I can almost feel sorry for her. Not for House, though. "Boo hoo," he says, and starts walking away. He can't be around when Anica starts having her seizure or else everyone will know that she got it because of what he injected her with and their plan will be destroyed. He says they're in a well-traveled area and that someone is bound to find her sooner or later, seizing all over the cold, cold ground. House keeps walking, and we hear Anica fall on the ground. He turns back to see her having her seizure. Despite his earlier statement about this being a popular spot, there doesn't appear to be anyone around to find her. House keeps walking away. He'd better hope he's right and that Anica was telling the truth, or else he just murdered someone.

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