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The next day, Chase and Foreman discuss Anica's re-admission to the hospital, assuming that she injected herself with something she managed to swipe as she was on her way out. Cameron comes in and reports that, this time, Anica's white count is really low. Foreman checks the charts out and marvels that she actually has aplastic anemia. At the sound of him being correct, House drags himself away from his computer and rubs his victory in Foreman's face. For his part, Foreman looks really disturbed that Anica had aplastic anemia and that his sending her home could have killed her. Not like that will stop him from pre-judging someone in the future, because he always learns this lesson and he just keeps on doing it.

Foreman, who seems to think he no longer needs to wear a white lab coat now that he's a boss and all, enters Anica's room. He introduces himself, not having actually met her until now. He sure is acting exactly like the guy he purports to hate, isn't he? He tells Anica that she has aplastic anemia. Her bone marrow isn't working anymore. Unlike when Cameron told her about the deadly cancer, Anica is properly emotional and scared at this news. Foreman says that Anica has two options: a bone-marrow transplant, which will cure her but is dangerous, or weekly blood transfusions for the rest of her life. Anica chooses the first one. Foreman is thrown; he thought Munchausen's Anica would have been thrilled at getting the frequent medical care and attention she's been trying so hard for. "I just want to be healthy," Anica says. "It's not so much fun when you're actually sick," Foreman says. And while the comment looks pretty assholish, I thought Foreman sounded sympathetic and sincere here. Anica thanks him.

Wilson sets Anica up for her bone-marrow treatment. First, they have her stand in front of a machine that will kill all of her crappy useless bone marrow. Then they'll stick her in a sterile room for two weeks before giving her some nice, healthy donor marrow. Wilson asks Anica if she's ready for her bone marrow to die. Anica looks really unhealthy and scared. She says she's ready. The machine starts up. Anica asks for House.

House is too cool for bone-marrow murder; he's chilling in Anica's room, lying on her no-doubt nasty unwashed sick-person bed and checking out her horse-racing picks. He notices a strange smell in the air, and grabs Anica's pillow to get a nice big whiff of it. Then he goes into her clothes and takes out a lacy head wrap. At least, I hope it's a head wrap and not, like, panties, because House sniffs the hell out of that, too.

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