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Awesomely, the Peanuts Christmas song starts to play. House makes Wilson pay for his Tic-Tacs at a newsstand like the abusive asshole friend he is, and says he kind of likes Foreman being in charge. It gives House more time for his soaps, and for lunch with Wilson. Wilson doesn't see how that's any different than usual. They head outside, and Wilson says that House would never be able to accept Foreman as his boss. "People can change," House says, changefully eating a few Tic-Tacs instead of Vicodins.

Meanwhile, over at another hospital, a doctor notes that Anica's white count is really low, and that he's going to have to admit her to run a few tests. "Whatever you think is best," she says non-changefully. She's pretty damn pleased to have found another way to fake her illness. Way to give her that info there, House. You could have just given her the injection without saying what was in it. And way to keep making yourself sick even after saying you didn't like actually being sick, Anica, which was the result of your injecting yourself with stuff in the first place. Maybe Foreman's right and Anica should have died after all.

House is back where he started -- the OTB. There are no hot babes here tonight, though, so he'll have to settle for betting on the races. He bets a lot of money on one of Anica's picks as he swallows what could either be Tic-Tacs or Vicodin -- the container they came from is conveniently left just off-screen for ambiguity, I think. Judging by what we just saw with Anica and House's trademark head-toss when taking them, I'm betting those aren't Tic-Tacs. Maybe we'll find out next year. Until then, happy holidays!

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