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House and Foreman hang out in the booth while Anica is wheeled into the MRI of DOOM. House is thrilled with himself for being right about Anica having Cushing's, which Foreman has to point out was actually Cameron's idea. He checks out Anica's MRI scans, but can't find the pituitary tumor re-growth they're expecting to see. He goes on the intercom and asks Anica to stop moving her head. "Sorry!" she sings, extremely cheerful about her possible brain tumor. It's almost like she's enjoying all these tests and attention. Foreman still can't find anything. House says that they must be dealing with a "micro-adenoma" that is too small to see. Or exist. When Foreman finds out that House didn't do a lumbar puncture on Anica because he was so sure she had Cushing's, he turns off the MRI machine and orders him to do that.

House tells Anica to curl into a fetal position. Anica wants to know why Cameron is standing around when she's never had two doctors in any of the other lumbar punctures she's had done before. She sure does know a lot about medical tests! House non-reassures her that Cameron is there to make sure that he doesn't paralyze his patient. Anica looks worried for the first time since she didn't get to post her Termigator bet. House goes in to do the lumbar puncture, and Anica jumps and gasps in pain. "Whoops!" House says. That's something you never want to hear from the guy poking around in your spine. He makes a few more unsuccessful attempts, and Anica starts to sweat as she shrieks in pain. House comments that LPs are a lot harder than he remembered them being. Cameron finally gets up the courage to step in and asks to take over. "Eighth time's a charm!" House says, and goes in for yet another poke. Anica's blood pressure skyrockets as she complains that her chest feels tight. Cameron orders House to stop lumbar puncturing. He gets up, calmly walks over to an attending nurse, and orders her to treat Anica for a "hypertensive crisis." "She'll be fine. Cameron -- meet me in my office," he says. Cameron rolls her eyes.

House scribbles "hypertensive crisis" on the whiteboard and boasts that he was correct in his Cushing's diagnosis after all, since Cushing's + stress = hypertensive crisis. Um, wouldn't it have been slightly less painful and risky to the patient just to do the freaking LP correctly to diagnosis this? I don't know what's worse -- House deliberately sucking at the LP just to prove that he was right, or House actually being that bad at LPs. House plays with one of the candy canes that someone insensitively put in his office while Foreman ticks him off about mangling the LP and says that alcoholism could explain the hypertensive crisis just as well as Cushing's, provided that you, like Foreman, are obsessed with being right and House being wrong, and that you assume that people are addicts even though there isn't any proof of that. Anica's blood pressure could have gone up because she's in alcohol withdrawal. It's a simpler explanation than House's invisible tumor theory. Surprisingly on House's side, even though he isn't the boss to suck up to, Chase says that there could be a cortisol-secreting tumor somewhere else on Anica's body. House says he wishes Chase were in charge instead of Foreman. Too bad Chase had to go and kill that patient! Chase looks like he either wants to kill himself or House. Ease up on the guy, House. You just almost paralyzed a woman in your unnecessary quest to prove your medical awesomeness. Cameron, hanging out by four Christmas stockings that I'm guessing were put up after Foreman was put in charge, just looks confused. House tells Foreman that they should do a scan for tumors. Foreman doesn't move. House clasps his hands and grovels sarcastically until Foreman relents, even though he still thinks their patient is an alcoholic, which he still doesn't have any proof of, nor has he even tried to find any. I never thought I'd say this, but shut up, Foreman.

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