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Anica is wheeled into a tube that gives Chase and Cameron an awesome 3-D scan of her internal organs. How is she paying for all this stuff? She said she was unemployed, so I doubt she has health insurance. She'll have to win a lot of racing bets to pay for this! Chase tries to do his job and check out the image while Cameron wonders aloud why Foreman was asked to run the department instead of her. Chase says he wasn't asked to run it, either. "You were suspended," Cameron snorts. I guess her confused face before was because she was just realizing why Foreman became her new boss and Chase got in trouble, and the fact that it took her a week to figure all that out indicates to me why she should never be put in charge of anything, ever. Cameron guesses that it's because Cuddy didn't want another woman to be in charge, and Chase has to laugh. "You sabotaged yourself," he says. "You went on a date with House, you slept with me -- putting you in charge of this department is like a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen." And Dr. "I Hired You Because You're Very Pretty" House isn't?! Foreman was put in charge because, out of all the Cottages, he's the most experienced and has been a Cottage longer than Cameron. If one of them had to be Houses boss, Foreman's the obvious choice. Chase points out that Cameron wouldn't be able to say no to House as his boss. Because when it comes to saying no to people, Chase is the king. Cameron sighs as she hopefully realizes the truth and vows to make a few changes in her personality and professional conduct.

House is watching television in the comfort of his office when Foreman walks in, his hands full of files and his head full of outrage. It seems that House ordered MRIs for the entire maternity ward. House says that one of them is necessary, so Foreman will have to comb through every single file to figure out which one it is instead of dismissing them all outright. Throwing a wrench into the works of providing adequate healthcare to new or expectant moms -- way to take a stand, there, House! Foreman turns House's TV off -- he's watching a monster truck rally, by the way -- and asks him what he's supposed to do in this new position. House tells him to act like his employee and "bitch," and then pulls out a year's worth of discharge summaries and happily tells Foreman to get to work signing them, since they're Foreman's responsibility now. That doesn't make sense to me, since House was the doctor in charge of those particular cases, so I would have thought he'd still have to sign off on them, demotion or not, but Foreman just tells him to "keep it coming." He can take whatever House dishes out!

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