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House and Cameron meet with Foreman. House points out that they didn't find any syringes that would indicate that Anica's been shooting herself up, so Cameron was wrong. Cameron says that Anica had a third of her pituitary gland removed and no tumor was found, so House is wrong. Foreman is hesitant to make a decision, and House yells at him to step up, warning that if he sides with Cameron and is wrong, Anica will die. Foreman agrees to do some test in Anica's brain that House thinks will reveal that she has a tumor. Cameron rolls her eyes and storms off to get Anica to sign the consent form. House still isn't happy, though, and tells Foreman he only sided with him because that was the safe route, not because he thought House was right. "You're a wuss," House declares. A wuss whose patients won't get sent home to die from a pituitary-gland tumor because everyone thought she was faking it. I wouldn't mind having that kind of wussy doctor. House assures Foreman that he will keep Foreman's wussiness a secret, and then walks out of the office and proceeds to call down the hallway to Wilson that he's got some great stuff to tell him about Foreman. Foreman almost destroys House's Magic 8-Ball in frustration, and then decides against it, since the 8-ball is Foreman's method of decisionmaking, after all.

Step Two of the Cameron Redemption Process is the following scene. She enters Anica's room, shoves the consent form in the patient's face, and says, "It's important for hospitals to get these signed for procedures that are completely unnecessary." Anica asks why they're doing a procedure that isn't necessary, apparently forgetting the precedent set by her previous fun times with lumbar punctures. "Because you're mentally ill," Cameron answers smoothly. She tells Anica that she knows all about her little ACTH injection secret and congratulates her for getting the attention from doctors she so desperately craves. Anica says that, right now, she's craving a new doctor. "I'm not giving you what you want?" Cameron asks. "I don't want a BITCH!" Anica says. Oh no she di-in't! Cameron stays cool and tells her to sign the forms and hope that her latest ACTH injection doesn't wear off before a "caring and concerned doctor" starts slicing through her brain. Anica signs the forms, and Cameron leaves. Anica notices that Cameron left her an early Christmas present -- a bottle of medicine.

Foreman's back in Cuddy's office, complaining that he doesn't want to be Cuddy's little tool to make House miserable. Cuddy tells him to slow his roll, and compliments his efforts at getting House to do all his paperwork and Clinic hours, which Cuddy's never been able to achieve before. That's got to be kind of embarrassing for Cuddy, but she's just really happy to have the diagnostics department running the way it's supposed to with House being an awesome doctor and someone else being a great administrator. She hints to Foreman that his temporary job could become permanent. Cuddy, you'd better have a good explanation for this or I'm going to start to think about not liking you anymore.

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