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The way this is all subjectively told is beautiful, this sequence. It throbs, that headache of crazy you get when you don't want something to be true but you have to deal with it. I don't know, they got something across. It was neat. In some ways I felt like it was a clearer read on who Joanna is than all the flashbacks in the world, just this thrummy crazy WTF wub-wub-wub that got her into the car and down into the city and in bed with the guy who keeps telling her the same things over and over.


Joanna goes in wired for Julian's confession, which means Will gets to hear her sleep with him, but also hear her get murdered by Julian because she thought the most appropriate time to ask him about murdering his sister is while he's chopping peppers with a massive knife. I dunno. The whole thing with the Will/Julian love triangle would be a lot less icky if 1) Julian were a lot less icky, 2) Will were a lot less invested in telling Joanna what to do for such personally transparent reasons and 3) It wasn't explicitly laid out that Joanna's entire identity is constellated around what dick is where.

I mean, what do we know about her so far? She likes burritos and her mom's in assisted living. They talk a good game about her feminist bona fides, but the story itself seems awfully retrograde in this one instance. But maybe it's just this beginning of the season that is working its shit out with that? Because so far she's bounced back and forth as many times as there are episodes, always with this undercurrent and sometimes too with the added creepy premise of "maybe she'll sleep with Julian because of justice and not wanting to have sex with him," which is a lot more delicate than this show really has earned yet. But I guess we'll always have Sofia, in any case.

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