A Drop Of Blood & A Microscope

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A Biter Named Carl

Edward: "Yeah, but we didn't. Look, just give me your evidence about the Lyitrol deaths in Thailand and then you won't be of use to me anymore. Or on the other hand, maybe I am a good guy."
Ben: "Hang on I gotta make like eleven crazy faces real quick."


Will: "I would imagine that the Bowers family is upset by the news that I got this deemed a murder."
Joanna: "There are those FBI-caliber skills."
Will: "I also want to complain about how Julian Bowers gave you a car, and remind you that you are possibly getting sucked into this lifestyle and/or secretly about to bone him."
Joanna: "I can't argue with any of that."
Will: "I'm just saying -- you may have noticed I like to say everything ten times, just slightly reworded -- everything I already just said."
Joanna: "If were a seven-year-old girl, maybe the rich charming boyfriend would do it for me. But I'm a cop. The only romance I have is with sweet Lady Justice."


Julian is hounded from the street to the building by a million reporters and only reacts to the nastiest rumors: Edward-as-murderer, Vivian-as-junkie. He does a pretty good buck at one of the guys, and eventually goes for him just as Joanna's arrived on the scene. As is her wont, she immediately puts her tiny self into the middle of everything and gets him inside and unscathed.

Julian: "Have you noticed that you always do that?"
Joanna: "Appear out of nowhere in my undercover persona, after palling around town with my FBI handler loudly discussing my undercover work?"
Julian: "No, jump into the shit. Pretty intrepid for an admin."
Joanna: "Thanks to my imaginary abusive husband, I have taken a lot of imaginary self-defense classes."
Julian: "Do you think this intense media scrutiny might have something to do with the time my brother raped and strangled that girl? Because if so, how déclassé."


Edward: "Sorry I'm late, I was killing and raping everybody."
Robert: "So the coroner says Vivian was restrained and forcibly injected with heroin and also pregnant. It's all very vivid, the way he describes things."
Julian: (Has a flashback to that night when we saw the person surprise Vivian in her car. He was that person.)
Robert: "We should probably figure out who the father was. The cops need all the information they can get to solve this murder."

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