A Drop Of Blood & A Microscope

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A Biter Named Carl

Julian flashes back to the time he murdered her. Just kidding, but he was very intense about how she was destroying their family with her investigations and we already know he punched her in the face, so the emotions are very heightened. Things Vivian hollered at him include, "You're a fraud! If mom saw you, she would be sick!" and "What are you gonna do, beat me to death and throw me in the river? I don't think you're man enough!" The usual brother/sister stuff.

Robert: "Julian, you need to pull it together for the big Lyritrol conference later. It's your toxic drug after all that is the cause of all this chaos."
Edward: "Julian, if you are feeling super crazy you don't have to do this."
Julian: "I am feeling super crazy, which is why I am going to do this. A trip to the Bahamas is just what I need for these feelings of how I might have killed our sister."

Robert: "Edward, how is your crazy wife?"
Edward: "Leaving me, due to how I keep killing everybody. I guess she's taking the kids to Santa Barbara?"
Robert: "That sucks. In other news, you're fired."
Edward: "Wait, what? Is the board of directors calling for my ouster? Was it Roger? I bet it was Roger, I hate Roger."

Seriously, the hate he has for Roger -- just from that one line -- is delicious. I cannot wait to meet Roger.

Edward: "Did you even defend me?"
Robert: "Don't be an idiot. Not to mention the fact that another drug company has created their own people-killing cancer drug, so we have to move fast."


Joanna: "Hey, lady I have met twice! I am dropping something off for Edward, because of work."
Samantha: "Come right in, person I don't know at all except that my husband thinks you are a spy or grifter."
Joanna: "Can you tell me all of your personal stuff real quick?"
Samantha: "Sure! I hate my crazy husband and I'm stealing our children. Did I ever mention that he and Vivian hadn't been close in years and then six weeks ago, she started calling all the time? Secret conversations. Isn't that interesting?"

It is! Sofia appears out of nowhere, having taken the girls out for shopping and whatever else pleases Sofia. Tiny little gin and tonics. Slapping the pellets out of petting zoo animals' mouths. Shooting blowguns at the homeless.

Sofia: "The fuck are you doing here, Joanna? Are you just everywhere now?"

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