A Drop Of Blood & A Microscope

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A Biter Named Carl

Joanna: "I was just leaving. But I will be back later with a bottle of wine."
Samantha: "That sounds good. That should interact with my meds in a surprising way."
Sofia: "We'll see about that, Marin Hinkle. We'll just see."


Will: "Wait, so Samantha Bowers just randomly downloaded that entire thing out of nowhere?"
Joanna: "Yeah, I thought it was weird too. Anyway, I'm going to get her drunk and see if I can get her to say crazy things about Edward."
Will: "Okay, you bring Samantha Bowers a bottle of wine and see what she says."
Joanna: "Yeah like that's literally the last thing I said, is that I'm going to do that."
Will: "Gotcha. Now, you should take some wine to Samantha Bowers later, and see if it loosens up her tongue."
Joanna: "Um, okay. I will do that."

A celebrity blogger named Nichole pops out of nowhere. Good thing she didn't do that two seconds ago or she would have a serious lead because of how Joanna and Will were just waltzing along, talking about how she's undercover in the family they're investigating.

Nichole: "Agent Moreno? I write for a website called Fame Junkie, and I am delusional enough to ask you for information about this high-profile case."
Will: "Uh, no. Goodbye."
Nichole: "I am trying to figure out whose baby she was pregnant with, because I am a ghoul. I can show you pictures of all the men she was hanging out with lately and you can tell me which one is the dad."
Will: "As long as your investigation is tasteful -- and it sounds like it is -- why not?"


Mia has dragged that boy whose hair looks like carpet to this art gallery, where there are lots of pictures of trees. Everywhere you look, trees. He keeps breathing on her and doing all this Nice Guy crap and basically he deserves what he gets, which is 100% Mia Bullshit. She's got a camera hanging from her neck, because that's how annoying she's chosen to be today.

Carpet: "I can't believe the presence of mind you have, to be hanging around this boring gallery of tree art when your sister was murdered."
Mia: "I already knew she was murdered. I told you that last episode."
Carpet: "The only thing more boring than trees is art. And here we have both. Can we not go and do something more age-appropriate, such as the drugs you are constantly handing me?"

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