A Drop Of Blood & A Microscope

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A Biter Named Carl

Julian: "Do you remember Senator Haverstock? He was dad's BFF but they haven't spoken in years, for the secret reasons of cranky olds."
Senator, with flourish: "Sorry about your dead sister. I am so drunk."

Julian: "Unspoken undercurrent here is that he heads the Senate subcommittee on corruption, which is hilarious in its irony and thus has sway over the FDA. We need him to get Lyritrol on the shelves, since it keeps killing people."


Nichole's dreamy cardigan-wearing coworker at the site is charming, in a Tom Lenk way, which beefs up what is a generally charmless bit of vamping that ultimately goes nowhere. In the future everybody will wear hoodies on top of more hoodies. But not, apparently, Bass Weejuns.

Will: "I'm crotchety! I don't get the Kardashians!"
Nichole: "[Tries to explain them.]"
Will: "Hey, what's with that picture of Vivian Bowers with Senator Haverstock's Chief of Staff?"
Nichole: "Come on, FBI. He's wearing Weejuns, I can't sell that."
Will: "I didn't say he was the baby daddy, I just said it was interesting."


Seems to be a bunch of hipster nonsense of no particular genus or species: Lana Wachowski hair and facial piercings and broken windows and leather jackets and V-necks and people moshing and ugh. Apparently this Moment takes place in the '90s. The sun is still up and these people are way too cheerful about their tattoos.

Mia: "So this is Brooklyn. I don't get it."
Rando: "We're a little early. Sometimes you have to wait a Moment for your Moment."
Mia: "Let us now engage in horseplay, as often do the youth."
Rando: "I am thirty, so."


"I began my first year of residency in the Oncology ward at Johns Hopkins. That's where I met Michaela. Seven years old, she loved Johnny Cash and the Orioles. One day, she can't breathe. Her parents take her to the hospital. She has Stage IV lung cancer. It made no sense. I watched her go from a happy seven-year-old to the sickest kid you can ever imagine. Chemotherapy wasted her, drained her spirit, her dignity and the cancer got her in the end anyway. I decided two things. One, I was not going to be an oncologist. I can't handle that type of loss again. And, two, I wanted to be part of the solution. Ten years later, I am proud to tell you all about Lyritrol. It's a safe, effective cancer treatment that will eradicate the need for chemotherapy."

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