A Drop Of Blood & A Microscope

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A Biter Named Carl

Tater Tot: "Daddy! Daddy, I body-checked a fifth-grader today!"
Edward: "A Bowers tradition. Good girl."
Tater Tot: "Daddy, the salamander in my classroom ran away! It reminded me of you and how you don't live here anymore. That same sense of loss."

Samantha cutely chases the girls off so they can have a weird conversation, in which either we're learning that 1) they're not as estranged as they've seemed in every other scene -- including one where they didn't know anybody was watching -- or 2) that their relationship is in constant flux or that 3) just maybe this show doesn't make a whole lot of sense. One of those.

Edward: "So I'm getting fired, you know, because of how I'm always killing everybody."
Samantha: "You're a hard worker, but I can see where they're coming from. You are also a lawyer, speaking of information we are just randomly bringing up."
Edward: "I am conflicted. Conflicted and creepy, is Eddie Spaghetti."
Samantha: "Let's all run away together to Santa Barbara. You, me, the Tater Tots."
Edward: "First of all, Santa Barbara? And second of all, I can't actually do that. I don't like you enough to do that and also I have secret reasons to stay here. And also my stepmother is going to murder us if we take those kids out of New York."
Samantha: "Is this about your father? Your brother? Your sisters? Is this about what you and Vivian were always secretly talking about, when you got back in contact after several years just to have secret conversations for the six weeks before her death?"
Edward: "I gotta go. Please don't tell anybody else that, okay? Especially any spies or grifters that have recently wormed their way into my family and my family's company."
Samantha: "I really wish you'd specifically said that like 24 hours ago."


Mia and Rando yell back and forth about nothing, because they can't hear each other, because they are at an obnoxious concert that even the subtitles hatefully describe as "indie rock music." Eventually bored or just chock full of her usual ennui, Mia decides to roam around snapping pix of everybody at the Mystik Spiral show. Including some crusties with facial piercings and who are like forty.

Crusty: "What kind of camera is that?"
Mia: "Just go ahead and mug me, I guess."
Crusty: "Will do."

Rando arrives just in time to take Crusty down with some ultraviolence that goes on for a long time. Saying in movement what he has only before said in words: "Do you like motorcycles?"

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