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The Harlem Fakeout

Just kidding, she loves it. Just the idea of these two men fighting over her -- even if it's entirely theoretical and not really about her so much as territorial pissing -- is enough to send her reeling. Because she is a total dummy.


Robert: "Maybe Mia running away is not that big of a deal."
Sofia: "Motorcycle!"
Robert: "If you love something, lie to it for its entire life and let it ride away on a motorcycle with a grown up. If it comes back to you, great. If it ends up dead, whatever. The important thing is that imposing our will on our children -- being parents, in other words -- has not historically worked out for us. Keep making those common-sense decisions and this table will end up as empty as your womb."


Haverstock's great big old hottie-at-arms watches the house, just as Julian and Joanna are appearing. What takes twelve hours on a motorcycle takes mere minutes in a car, I guess. I wonder what the Senator's goon will do to Motorcycle?

Joanna: "Cover yourself up and take a walk with me on the dock."
Mia: "How did you even find me?"
Joanna: "I am not telling people that. But your parents don't know where you are. I'm not that kind of loyal or grateful friend of the family where I would tell them the location of their child, mere weeks after their other daughter was murdered."
Mia: "Uh I think you mean grandparents, and fuck them. They are liars. Also, I don't want to talk about it."
Joanna: "Fine. This guy Motorcycle. You like him?"
Mia: "No, I was trading sex for gas money."
Joanna: "You really are your sister's daughter."

Joanna: "Did you use a condom?"
Mia: "What is wrong with you?"
Joanna: "So many things. But they don't matter, because I'm barely a person."
Mia: "And if you're not overprotecting me, that's just like letting my mother die. Got it. Tell you what, though, I am not going back to the Bowers manse."
Joanna: "Fine, you can live with Julian."
Mia: "That's cool how you just make decisions like that for people."
Joanna: "I get why Vivian hated your family so much now."
Mia: "That's what I needed to hear."

Cop: "Motorcycle, you have stolen property. Property that was stolen in a way that made no sense except as a future contrivance for this very contrived present scenario."

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