Good Luck With Your Death

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Love Is Not Love

Mia: "That's really touching, actually. Thanks."
Sofia, verbatim: "Ugh. Don't tell your father, it'll ruin our party."

This last delivered over her shoulder, gown fluttering in the breeze, as she struts out of there to do more awesome, inscrutable Sofia drunk activities.


Joanna: "I know I left it here somewhere, it's a notebook that I write my notes in."
Julian: "I am too hung over to help look, but it's nice to see you."
Joanna: "Okay, I have another reason to be here."
Julian: "Oh boy. Did I murder some other relative you forgot to mention?"
Joanna: "...Listen, this might sound weird, but like, how well do you know Audrey?"
Julian: "My dad got her her first job? She's incredibly talented at whatever things."
Joanna: "Really? Because I get a super bad vibe. No jealousy, just vibe-talking."
Julian, awesomely: "Well, it's not like she's gonna steal the recipe for Lyritrol."
Joanna: "Okay, that was a pretty good one."

Audrey: "Julian! I brought breakfast! ...Oh, hey. Hey, bitch. I didn't bring enough for you."
Joanna: "Oh, it's okay. I already ate breakfast like three times."
Audrey: "While he's on some random unexplained phone call, can I get real with you?"
Joanna: "Real what."
Audrey: "Real basic."

She gets real basic, and it's real gross.

Audrey: "Step off my man!"
Joanna: "I'm just looking for my notebook, trick!"
Audrey: "I don't know that you totally dumped him for good at that party the other time so I think my footing is a good deal firmer than it is!"
Joanna: "I don't have time for this, I have to meet somebody for breakfast."
Audrey: "Just to reiterate, I am a hoodrat with uncontrollable facial features."
Joanna: "And I am Julian's friend. And that is it."
Audrey: "I know you want my man!"
Joanna: "Oh my God. You know what? How about speaking of friends, I know you were friends with Ben Preswick. How come you weren't at his funeral?"

Audrey's face goes stiller than it ever has before, and you realize when she was like, "I never fail" that there was truth to it: This is the face of a stone killa.

Audrey: "Who? Is. Ben. Preswick."

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