Good Luck With Your Death

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Love Is Not Love


Do you remember that time she won an Emmy and lost her speech down her dress and went digging around in her d├ęcolletage right there on stage? That was so fucking awesome. I was like, "This diva's got gravitas. This should not be coming off as classy as it is." I have been her fan ever since then, and every time I see her face or even just her name I'm like, "Man, I wonder what that lady's up to. I wish she was my grandmother." Just all like, "Hold up, you guys. It's in here somewhere." And she thanked a person named Cyclops, also. Tremendous. She is tremendous. I wish there was a button on my remote that would just replace any instance of Melissa Leo with her, like, through automatic technology.

Beverly: "Remember how Vivian used to ride all around the mansion on her Big Wheel?"
Robert: "That's right! She was always doing that. Do you remember anything after Y2K?"
Beverly: "Not really!"

Joanna: "What in the fuck is my mother doing out of her assisted living environment?"
Robert: "I flew her here, to celebrate my anniversary. You know, like how people do that? Invite their house staff from twenty years ago to celebrate things they weren't there for and don't remember?"
Joanna: "...Exactly how long have you had her talking?"
Robert: "Not long enough. Have some more liquor, old lady!"
Beverly: "Don't mind if I do. Now, we were just discussing your abusive husband I don't recall existing?"
Joanna: "Right, because of Alzheimers and no other reason."
Beverly: "And how you are a cop in San Francisco with a different last name?"
Joanna: "That sherry is really to your head, mom! Let's get you to bed."
Robert: "But we've barely had time to catch up!"
Joanna: "Oh, she'll catch you up all right. As soon as I have Charlie Gordon'd a buncha lies into her head."


Edward: "Okay, it wasn't Audrey Cruz and it wasn't Robert Bowers. It was Frank Drexler, Audrey's boss. Who just sent a man with a gun to chase me around for about twenty thrilling, gorgeous, heartstopping Tater D minutes."
Will: "So, not Audrey? The one everybody was sure about this morning, over breakfast?"
Edward: "I think Audrey's probably just an idiot. I don't see her sending a hit man after me. So now I finger Frank."

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