Good Luck With Your Death

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Love Is Not Love

Q: How did she get drugs in there?
A: Who cares! She probably just pulled 'em out of her purse at random.

"I don't even remember what these do! Which usually means they're pretty good. Aw shit, you know what, these are probably, probably these are the ones that caused Motorcycle and Carpet to make out that time. Yeah, this'll do it. Enjoy lots more jailtime, Last Remaining Piece of My White Trash History."

Q: Why do jail pants have back pockets?
A: Who cares! Sofia rocks forever.


Robert reads Shakespeare's best sonnet at their party -- which I guess is the next night, Sunday? -- and everybody tries to be indulgent because he's rich and crazy, and they all have the internal monologues that you would assume while this is happening and then he gives a special shout-out to Beverly, and Sofia is annoyed because this is her night and she totally just did like six amazing things in a row without stopping to make sure it went okay.

Julian: "Beverly, in the interests of not making a huge scene, please reciprocate the warm feelings I have toward both you and your daughter."
Beverly: "Not a chance, bitch."

Julian: "Your mom's a treat as usual."
(Audrey: "Julian! Come to my side like we've been dating for more than one second!")
Joanna: "Do you not get why she would assume you're a piece of shit? Have we not gone over this? I mean, since we left this house you've become a famous mess, but even when we lived here, you preyed on me as a young person and the Help. Just because we both 'know' you never exploited that power dynamic doesn't mean she'd understand."
(Audrey: "Julian! I am asserting dominance right now!")
Julian: "It's my privilege to not even know what you're referring to, but I'm being magnanimous about what I see as your mom's rudeness."
(Audrey: "Julian! Stop talking to that ho!")
Joanna: "Jesus Christ with this girl."
Julian: "I'll just tell her you dumped me and I nearly died of pain, right before I settled for her. It'll calm her right down."

Maybe to save his life, maybe because she needs all the allies she can get, maybe -- and I fear it's mostly this -- she's pissed at Will once again, but Joanna barks out a sudden, "OR MAYBE I REALLY AM IN LOVE WITH YOU AFTER ALL!"

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