Good Luck With Your Death

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Love Is Not Love

Will: "Okay, just remember that if you get murdered tonight, it's your own fault. For having a mother. And because airplanes exist."


Oh, I did not care for this scene. I remember now. It's the most Revenge-y writing of the series to date, and it's impossible to swallow or care about or even think about without getting a splitting headache, but the upshot is that nothing really happens. Like, it's a meeting between Robert and the Senator, who earlier in the episode conversed about how the Senator has cancer, and Mia has bone marrow. So they talk about that for awhile. And then remember how Robert had that random flashback about Dwight helping cover up the first Mrs. Bowers's death? They talk about that, too.

Senator: "I am the only witness ... to your first crime!"
Robert: "That was not a crime! And you know it! That was hell! I loved Catherine!"
Senator: "And also her two billion dollars! That you inherited just in time to save your company when it was young and new!"
Robert: "But now it is quite robust!"
Senator: "Look. You became distant after we killed your wife. Vivian needed a father figure. So I raped her a buncha times. Water under the bridge. But now, Bobby. Now I have cancer. I don't know if we've discussed that."
Robert: "I hadn't heard, no."


Beverly: "You're still in love with Julian, huh?"
Joanna: "As of about ten minutes ago, yes."
Beverly: "I mean, you know the deal here, right?"
Joanna: "No, I never know the deal."
Beverly: "Well, you've fucked up their family so much whatever he does to break your heart will probably get lost in the shuffle. But for the record, you are a dummy."
Joanna: "Yeah. Yeah, I know. But a dummy who's about to git it."


Will: "Edward, I think a woman named Audrey Cruz may have killed your sister."
Edward: "You don't fuckin' say."
Will: "By way of explaining my sorta non sequitur reference to the zip drive when last we broke our fast together at this gorgeous house, but yeah. The phone calls were to the same Russian hit men that killed everybody else, including Ben Preswick, and one of whose car is where I got the zip drive of the maybe fake files."
Edward: "Long story short, this whole thing could be a scam Audrey was pulling, to get Ben to get Vivian to blow up our company. Not that that explains why everybody keeps dying, but it makes sense to me. Like it did three days ago when I told you this."

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