Good Luck With Your Death

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Love Is Not Love


Lawyer: "The thing is, this offshore account is like indubitably yours. It's really weird that you have no idea about it."
Robert: "Who all has been going in and out of the mainframe computer files room, where the computer mainframes are?"
Lawyer: "Just you, IT, and Edward. Not counting Ben Preswick, posing as Edward, or Joanna, posing as you."
Robert: "I would remember going in there. I am terrified of mainframes."

Joanna: "Do you want some breakfast, boss?"
Robert: "No, even though this show is like obsessed with breakfast and we're all constantly eating breakfast and talking about breakfast and we all have breakfast seven times in every episode."
Joanna: "Oh, okay. Did you want climb right up on my jock?"
Robert: "Yep. Ready for the third degree?"
Joanna: "As long as you don't grill me about my cover story, because I don't have one, because I don't take being undercover very seriously."
Robert: "Okay, what is your name and how long were you married and what was his name and where did you work before here."
Joanna: "I don't know any of those things."
Robert: "Do you know your wedding anniversary? Like for example, mine is today."
Joanna: "...Today? I'm gonna say today too. That sounds good."
Robert: "You're a fucking liar and I'm going to have you murdered. Now go get me one of my many daily breakfasts, I'm starving! I haven't had breakfast since breakfast!"


Will: "Please, please give me a reason to be shitty as hell for no reason to you."
Edward: "Audrey Cruz knows how many kids died, and there is no way for her to know that, so there are deeper levels here."
Will: "Despite you coming straight to me with this information even after I strong-armed you for no reason at your house during frog cleanup, I am not going to be grateful or take this seriously at all. Why? Because I suck. That's the only reason. That is the sole reason. I am awful."
Edward: "Okay but like, listen to the words that are coming out of me."
Will: "Go home, take a hot shower, lay off the booze."
Edward: "Wow, like, you were just at my house asking for my help. Like minutes ago. Literal minutes. Between fourth and fifth breakfast, did something change?"

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