Good Luck With Your Death

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Love Is Not Love

Reporter: "Will won't talk to me either, because I am useless! So I thought I'd do a friendly drop-by and just ruin the shit out of your cover."
Joanna: "Can we just do straight-up exposition? Save some time with your awful ass?"

Haverstock has cancer, Robert Bowers killed Remy the Paparazzo, Audrey went to Cornell, where she blew all the professors, because she has no self-esteem and no self-control, especially over the face part of her self. Or the part that falsifies drug trial data, apparently.

Joanna, awesomely: "You are jeopardizing my safety, and your own. You need to stop following me."

Don't do it. Joanna's the lead character, she'll just end up back in the hospital, but Robert Bowers already said your days were limited. Time to go back to that great big Canada in the sky, where the milk comes in bags and the money looks stupid, and the government's role is to protect its citizens' wellbeing rather than that of random multinational corporations. It's a happy place, lots of space to run around; maybe somebody could even teach you some goddamn manners. But we won't know until you are brutally murdered, so just keep tempting fate. Okay?


Joanna: "Gabe, what college did Ben Preswick go to?"
Gabe: "The college of wieners and whatever, I'm a nothing person."
Joanna: "Will, can you make a whole backstory for me and send it to Robert on pretend stationary?"
Will: "Begrudgingly."
Joanna: "So listen, there's this chick Audrey Cruz who went to school with Ben Preswick..."

Will Should Say: "That's interesting, the two smartest people involved in this investigation both brought up this same lady within minutes of each other. And they're not working together, because Edward hates Joanna way beyond. So maybe I should think about this."
Will Does Say: "Um, I already know that? And I already know everything? And I already know that Julian is dating her? So, way to be a jealous bitch? And also hurt my feelings? So yeah, I am not listening to anything you're saying? Is that okay?"

Joanna: "So just, like, to review. You are refusing to follow up on a lead that would change the entire case, because you have such a low opinion of me that you honestly would hold me to your pathetic standard of behavior?"
Will: "I am butthurt. It is all that matters. Why on earth wouldn't everybody be exactly as shitty and useless and awful as me?"

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