Good Luck With Your Death

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Love Is Not Love

Senator: "Go over his head with that marrow paperwork, or I will get Wyatt out of jail just in time for your anniversary party. To which I was not invited."
Sofia: "I wish I could say that was an oversight, but um, you raped his kid. So... Yeah, but okay. I guess I love my husband or whatever."


Robert: "Why is Joanna lying about root canals and visiting Ben Preswick's sister?"
Rayburn: "I don't know, but her backstory she forgot to make up until ten minutes ago checks out, so there's that."
Robert: "Well, since her abusive ex-husband can't be found because he is imaginary, I'm going to fly up her crazy mom instead. She's 'like family'!"


Bowerses: "Mia, yes. You share genes with the man. But he is also a hideous person."
Mia: "Uh, that FBI totally accused you of killing people. And then Eddie Spaghetti accused you of killing people. And I'm pretty sure you have killed some people, so."
Sofia: "Not at breakfast, young lady! You know Edward is wonks, and let me tell you, that FBI guy has accused everybody on this entire show of killing people at least twice by this point. I'm just saying. We hate the Senator."
Mia: "Wait, so you didn't kill Vivian?"
Robert: "That is a really mean question!"
Mia: "My biological mom died. My biological dad is asking for not that much. He's a human being, whatever else is going on. And your former best friend. And I, unlike you guys, am currently of the opinion that I too am a human being and thus will be stomping around in anger."


Robert: "This funeral for my first wife was a real downer, bro."
Senator: "The important thing is that nobody knows she killed herself, with our help."
Robert: "That part doesn't bother me, so much. But I think the kids would probably bug out if they learned about this fiftieth scheme we have going."
Senator: "Who loves you, baby."
Robert: "Dwight Haverstock."


After thinking about it for maybe five seconds, Sofia is like, "Fuck it."

Mia: "Mooommmm get out of my rooooommmm."
Sofia: "Where's the bone marrow paperwork? I'm signing that shit. Not because I am hiding my past of being a teen murderess, but because I love you and respect your decisions as a growing woan."

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